Diamond Internationlfalse appraisal

I purchased jewelry at Diamond International in Puerto Vallarta while on a cruise. The tanzanite bracelet had an appraisal for $11, 900. They sold it to me for $4220. When I got back home, I had it appraised by a board certified gemologist who appraised for alot less than what I bought it for. I would not had bought it had I known what it was really worth! Diamond International won't take it back. Royal Media Partners, whom I contacted, backed Diamond International saying that the shopping map had a (cruise line guarantee) on it. Basically I cannot return the bracelet because it is Tanzanite and not a diamond. NOTICE THAT ALL CRUISE LINE GET A PERCENTAGE ON ALL JEWELRY SALES. NOTICE THAT ALL LINES HAVE SHOPPING GUIDES THAT WILL HELP YOU PART WITH YOUR MONEY. NOTICE THAT ALL SHIPS HAVE IN ROOM T.V. THAT HAVE A SPECIAL CHANNEL WITH THESE SHOPPING GUIDES ENTICING YOU TO PURCHASE JEWELRY AND WATCHES!!! DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT I MADE!!! YOU WANT JEWELRY BUY AT HOME!!!

Jan 09, 2015

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