Diamond HondaHonda Accord. service

I initially took my car in for service, to Diamond Honda, at Puente Hills, City of Industry; due to oil loss (December 2015). I was charged $2, 700 to fix the oil leak and replace the timing belt. The service attendant, assured me the car was worth fixing, since the engine and transmission were good.

Prior to the repair, I had to put in oil about every 2 weeks, if used on a daily basis (driving about 100 miles per day).

The same week after the initial service, and used ONE day, I returned to have it checked/serviced, since oil loss had increased, such that I needed to put in oil every day, and after every use of car. Their response was to filled the oil tank, and asked I continue to add oil. When I said it would cost me about $1000 per year, If I had to do that, they suggested; I could come in and have it refilled by dealer. That would be very difficulty and nearly impossible since I live about 50 miles away from the dealership.

With tears in my eyes, I asked the service attendant how that could be since they were supposed to fix the oil loss, and not make it worse. I took it in two more times, and each time was told that I need to keep putting in oil. I continued to do that, every day, before I drove the car out.

One day the engine light went on, and I took it in immediately. I was told the service team that had serviced the car was not in; therefore they gave me a rental car.

Although I had put in oil regularly, the oil leak was inside the engine, and it caused the engine to crack. It is now inoperable and at the dealer. They recommend replacement of the engine. They want want to charge me $5, 000 to replace the engine. I no longer have the rental car. I have told them that since they did not address the oil leak when I took it in initially and 3 subsequent times; my good engine was ruined by their improper service.

This has caused me a hardship, given the limited transportation options in Southern California area. I currently do not have a car to drive. The dealership has been unwilling to take responsibility for their lack of proper service to my car, and consequent ruin of the engine. And heaven knows what else was ruined...

What can one do, in cases like this??? HELP, anyone...

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