Diamond HondaBait and switch

On 6/21/10 I purchased a car from Diamond Honda of Glendale. Due to my poor credit, I was told I needed a co-signer. Fortunately, my fiance's mom has excellent credit and we were told that we could use her as the co-signer, even though she lives in Texas. Exactly one month later, 7/21/10, my fiance received a call from the General Sales Manager, Tanal, and told him I needed to come in to re-sign the contract. When asked why, Tanal said they were able to take his mom off the contract and have the car under my name. My fiance asked if the terms have changed, i.e. higher monthly payment, or other changes, and he was told no. The GSM only told him that I needed to pay for the first month's payment of $410 and some change, and postdate it for Aug 4, 2010. My fiance called me to tell me what had hapened, charged time to leave work early on 7/21/10 to go to the dealership to re-sign the contract. When I arrived I waited a long time for the finance person to assist me. Finally when I was called in, and as the papers were being printed, the finance person briefly left the office. Upon his return, he said that I needed to pay $1, 000 down payment. I was shocked and said that I was told differently, and he said that those were the terms in order for me to sign for the car. I asked why the co-signer was taken out of the loan and I was only told because she is out of state. Shouldn't they have known from the beginning that they couldn't do that? And why did they wait one month later to change the terms on us? I feel as if they used the car as BAIT and SWITCHED the terms on us. I had no choice but to pay the money they asked, or else I would have had to walk home. They could have disclosed all of the information over the phone, so I could have been more prepared. Instead I felt I was cornered and forced to pay in order to keep the car I've had for a month. I feel that we were treated unfairly, and I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone! YOU WILL BE SCREWED! It makes me wonder how many people they have done this to, and how many more people will they do this to! We are very outraged! We gave them a chance to accommodate us but we were told nothing could be done. Their GM and GSM hide behid their desks because they're scared to hear what consumers like us have to say.


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