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Diamond Bracelet / Bracelet (On discount) for exchange

1 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 4167810050

I purchased a diamond bracelet on 29th Nov 2008 with 40% discount and no tax in the Diamond Company. i was originally interested in two of the bracelet and i chose one of them and paid in full. when i wanted to exchange for the other one on 30th Nov 2008, they said the no tax offer is not applicable on the other bracelet. On the other day, they were ready to give the discount and no tax offer on both of them. Just because, we wanted to exchange, they are not giving it the same price as the other day. It was already told that they will not refund however they will exchange for the other within 30 days of the purchase. I really felt cheated. Even the managers attitude was rude. On the day, we went for exchanging the bracelet, they told us the no tax offer is no valid on the other bracelet because it is a newly arrived one. This piece of information is not given to us on the date we purchased and they are actually told us the final price with 40% discount and no tax on both of the bracelet. please help me. I want to lodge a legel compaint.

Thanks for your patience


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  • Ds
      11th of May, 2009
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    uhh, you want to launch legal action because they won't take back your heavily-discounted purchase and exchange it for another item and give you the same discount?

    you're crazy.

  • Jo
      22nd of May, 2009
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    actually, we just dealt with this same store who sold us a diamond engagement ring for 8000.00. When we looked up the information on the diamond that same night we found out it was a treated diamond and not a natural stone. Reputable companies will tell you if it's been treated. When we confronted the store manager Lana about she said she was not aware of treated diamonds and proceeded to tell us was the store manager and not a jeweller. Now to get another stone they want to charge us more, even if it's the same specs as what we thought we had bought. They are also not willing to refund any of the money.

    DO NOT buy anything from the Diamond Company at Yorkdale. They are not trust worthy or helpful. She actually told me today that she has spent the last two days working for us and feels the hell do you think i feel when i spent my night crying when i should be celebtrating because my boyfriend spent 8000 on something essentially fake.

    We have not even been able to tell our family but spent our time on the phone and in person arguing with Lana the manager and the better business bureau.

  • Er
      25th of May, 2009
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    Here's my Diamond Company story:

    I purchased an engagement ring in late Jan/early Feb with "store/general manager Lana".

    - The diamonds they showed me when I was picking were all GIA certified.
    - I spent 2/3 hours picking the exact ring setting.

    when I picked up the ring, first, the certificate was by UGS (Unverssal Gemological Services) - an affilliate of EGL USA. I wasn't comfortable with this. Since GIA was a recognized "gold standard" for diamond grading, that is what I wanted as a certificate. (Let's ignore the arguments that there are other organizations that are just as stringent - if not more so than GIA... :) ) I was pretty upset, and felt that it was misrepresented.

    Second thing was that the ring wasn't what I wanted to look like at all. In fact, the laughable thing was that the way the ring looked was the ONLY one that I hated when she showed it to me. I had offered to draw it out exactly how I wanted to look beforehand, but she insisted that I didn't need to, because she knew what I wanted. I proposed with a ring that I hated, that she didn't like either. So the day after she said "Yes", it went back to The Diamond Company (TDC). With the redesign we also had to get it resized. That's NOT their fault, because I guessed the wrong size!

    It took 2 weeks to get it resized and remade. We were assured 10 days, and we had to call them to get any sort of status update. Didn't really feel like they cared already at this point.

    Let's quickly recap timeline: Purchased Jan/Feb, proposed Feb 22nd.

    After wearing it for a month, the diamond chipped at the girdle. We were surprised and quite disappointed. So we brought it in to be fixed.

    We kept calling them to check on the status of the "fix". We asked them point blank what usually happens when a diamond is chipped and needs to be fixed. Do you repair (glue chip back? - hahaha) or replace diamond. Lana had no idea. She said she didn't know how they fix things. Usually it's a replacement, but they just didn't know. (how can you work in a store and not know?? -- Much less a manager)

    It took them over 3 weeks to replace the diamond. I don't mind the wait, but there was zero communication with them. I'm not pushy, I called them maybe once a week to see what was up... But each time they would feign ignorance. I only wanted to know if they were going to repair the ring or replace it entirely, but they kept saying they have no idea.

    Picking up the ring, the first thing Lana said was, "Okay, ring was replaced, the diamond has not been certified, and sometimes, it can be 1 point smaller." Not verbatim, but those 2 points she made is what she said.

    I said that wasn't acceptable. I paid for the ring (1.02 carat). Now they're trying to say I got something back but smaller. She smirked and said, "It's 1 point, you won't notice the difference." I couldn't believe it. I told her it's like buying a car with something wrong, you taking it to the dealership to get it fixed, and when you do, you find out there's only 3 wheels and the 4th was a spare tire. Is that acceptable?

    And she told us that there was no certification because the lab that did it was on Jewish holiday. (Not being racist/bigot in anyway, this is what she told us - and the holiday was the last the week, that's why it wasn't certified.)

    She told us to wear the ring and bring it back in a week when the lab was to re-open. We wore it for another 2-3 weeks before giving it to them.

    We needed it resized once more (the girly's hand kept getting smaller... hehehe). They said that the resizing and recert would take 7 days.

    2 weeks later and not a single phonecall. When we called them, they told us "head office is moving so they're not doing any work." If we had known this when we brought it in, we would have held off until after they had moved so we can enjoy the ring...

    another week goes by, (3 weeks total), and still they have no answer. I asked phone number of head office so we can ask what's going on (no on at TDC in Yorkdale had a clue), they gave us the old number. Various employees (at least 3 employees all together) told us they didn't have the phone # to the head office location, and only the manager would know. They all said they'd call me back and let me know, but guess what? Nothing.

    Finally another 3-4 days go by when we finally get a hold of head office personel - Atif. My finace asked what was happening, and miraculously, 2 days later the ring was resized and regraded.

    The suspicious thing (to me) is that the diamond is the EXACT same spec as the one replaced. The old diamond certificate has the same report # as the new "appraisal" papers that they gave me (Appraisals and certificates are not the same thing from what I've read online).

    Look, do yourself a favor and just steer away. we haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet...

  • An
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    You, guys, both full of it!!! I have shopped at The Diamond Co for 3 years. This is the best store to buy diamonds very good prices and excellent service. My whole family and my friends and friends of my friends bought their diamond engagement rings from Lana. She is the best.

    The Diamond co has amazing warranty program, which covers everything. And this guy Eric, you dude, no one will talk to you in other stores if you chipped your diamond in 2 months...


  • Me
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Hey you all above, i have been customer of that company over 8 yrs, always have been treated well and been absolutely satisfied with their product, price and service .The store manager and sales associates are highly professionals and well educated for what they sell.So, i would say, that all your complaints are not true and accurate, and you should accomodate your selves with a good counsilor.Cheers and i always be there for my next purchase!
    P.S.For that guy called Eric, go on net, and check GIAvsEGL, to educate yourself, whats going on..., dub!!!

  • Ke
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi Guys, I just bought a very nice and expensive diamond from The diamond co (1.50ct VVS1 F Ideal cut). This is my second upgrade and i went everywhere before buying from Them. You will be shocked how good this guys are. The life time warranty is unbelievable in this store. They maintained my engagement ring and wedding band so well for 3 years (all free) that it looked new even now.
    My wife wanted to change her band to different style. It wasn't even an issue after 3 years. They check all your claws, band, wedding band, even if stone fell out or chipped (like with this guy Eric, by the way nobody will change stone for you after 2 months if you chipped it Eric I can guaranty it, I have a lot of friends with engagement rings and only us who are lucky to buy from such a good company) The Diamond Co replaced stone without even any questions. My diamonds are all EGL appraised and when you buy diamonds from them they show you certificate with diamond right away so all this "she promised us GIA is a bull sheet!!! Seems to me you wanted to chit her, Eric and Josie to get out with better deal!!! I know Lana for 3 years... she is very polite, well dressed, very knowledgeable, helpful lady and I am sure This girl Josie eventually got the diamond she wanted and goes to Lana every 3 months for check ups and smile to her face after righting all that stuff about her... People are pathetic... Any way guys I would from the bottom of my heart recommend this place! It is in the middle of the Yorkdale, very convenient, good service, good prices, good people!
    P.S. Remember: diamond is diamond in any store, price and service what values the most.


  • Jo
      25th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi Kevin,

    Please note that in no way was the diamond company ever cheated, we spent just under 10K in the end for the diamond ring, if paying someone 10K is cheating them them i'm not sure what world you live in.

    Yes i still have to deal with the diamond company every three months as i had to stay with them since they would not refund our purchase.

    They rectified the situation once we got Isis involved who was very helpful, we did have to spend more money then the first purchase price to get something that was satifactory, but Isis did give us a break on how much more we had to spend and we met halfway.

    I will of course be going in every three months to see Lana to have my ring looked at since we spent 10K and i of course would not want to void our warranty, that would be silly on my part.

    And of course i will be polite and have a smile on my face when i go in, i do not see the point of being rude to Lana going forward as although the experience was stressful and unpleasant at the, time, i wish to have a pleasant experience with the Diamond company going forward and hope they would provide me with the same courtesy which they have since the incident was rectified.

    What is most ironic is that i was logging in this evening to try and take down my post as we have removed all formal complaints against the diamond company since the situation was resolved.

    Then Kevin, i decided to read your post and i again became infuriated with the entire situation. To call someone pathetic about a engagement that was delayed by a month due to an unfortunate situation is very uncalled for.

    To anyone reading this post, all i want to say is educate yourself before you shop for a diamond ring, i will accept half the blame for not knowing better and not requesting a GIA certified diamond up front. Hind site is always 20/20.

  • Si
      10th of Oct, 2014
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    I've paid $150 to have my diamond bracelet (bought from the Diamond Company at Yorkdale) twice and another $150 to have the clasp fixed.

    The diamond bracelet broke again (just like that on my arm - no obvious reason) two weeks after the second "fix".

    The staff is very pleasant but their repairs are most definitely substandard (not to mention expensive). I feel as though I've been taken in, as I would have by bringing my car in to a disreputable mechanic.

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