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Dial Up Internet Service / Service

1 Mesa, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-487-7467

This company is very unprofessional. The have employees that have access to the internet unregulated. I know of one employee that places craigslist ads all over the internet to downgrade other peoples business. I will put the full details below of how deep this gets. On the customer service end majority on the people are rude on the phone and act as if you are the stupid one. Not very good when you do customer service sometime you just have to understand the customer and lower yourself to their level of understanding to get a good communication flow. Something that doesn't do.

The employees on their spare time do things like this. Which I found on the net and was like wow. by the way this is one of the employees old boss from that he is slandering because he is mad about his girlfriend, plus this was done from his work computer.

You can find this kid at

So, basically has a lawsuit on its way and have received a warning letter already. They think its ok to treat customers and other people like crap. If that was me and I was a boss of a company just because of his personal issues are affect what their company will look like I would let him go.

I will also put up a petition against from customers that are not happy with them. For a dial up company they sure are almost out of business these days with all the other dialup companies out there. I might just have to get the attention of other companies to come to Arizona and setup shop. At least Arizona will have a choice of dial up internet instead of having to deal with a group of dillweeds.

Dial Up Internet Service

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