Diagnostic Auto RepairIncomplete repair

When my 2000 Mazda 626 broke down on the road in June 2008, I brought it to Diagnostic Auto Repair in La Place, LA, the nearest place. They told me the only solution was to replace the engine, and I agreed, thinking that it would help me sell the car and minimize loss. They said it would, since the new engine was newer (2004) and with less mileage. When the repair was done, they provided no documents for the new engine, just handwrote the information (it turned out to be 2002) on the invoice.

When I tried to sell the car I was told I had paid far too much for the engine ($2900), that even if it had a new engine, it would still be a 2000 Mazda, and that the only mileage was the one the counter reflected. The worst was that the engine had been set on BROKEN MOUNTS, and it could not be sold like that. Changing the mounts is going to cost me another $700 or more.

I think I made the "business of my life" with those people, whose behavior was unethical. They knew they were overpricing me and they knew the car could not be sold.

Antonio Matarredona

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