DHS - Iowa / Decevier/child abuse/kidnapping / unconsituional violators/medical child abuse.

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The department of human services at wright co. Workers are being paid to deceive family's, charge false child abuse, violate children and family rights, entrapment, using medical abuse, and selling children for profit.. These cps workers are breaking laws and getting paid.. These state workers are hiring medical doctors/therapy so called play therapy/to help in the termination of parents rights.. These are the "whores of the court" putting children on meds like zoloft—ect.. These meds are dangerous and could cause death.. Mothers who step in against these so called doctors would be charged with medical abuse for trying to stop these kind of things happening to their children.. State workers do not help family's with their issues, they only put up walls and barriers such as—stop transporting children to visits and leaving parents to find their own way 35 and more miles away.. Making doctors appointments and telling the parent they have to take them there.. After-wards these are the appointments/doctors hired by the state workers/foster parents whom are a big part of this medical abuse also. Adhd is on the rise—and these and other methods such as making people sign recommendations as: rights to contact jobs/must call the workers and ask for approval before having visitors in their homes while the child is still in foster care this is are violations used to destroy family's. Supervised state works in iowa are also workers for the state—they sit down and only ask question's that the state workers can use against the family and sometimes plain out lie on reports and keep these reports of lies from the family's and only given the report if the family's know to ask. The whole court is against the family and make it very clear in the court room, family's are on their own.. Attorney are court appointed and don't care.. No-one tells the family their rights.. By the time family's find out is to late.. No child should ever be denied the right to see their family and the family should never be denied to see their children, even if supervised visit by a mutual person and not someone hired by the state.. Children will grow up with a empty feeling inside and no way to fill it.. The emotional abuse is not the way any child should have to grow-up in, and the only-way that can stop is to let children and family's have some kind of contact.. Dhs needs to be investigated and parent's won't stop until it happens.. Voices of iowa.

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  • Sa
      Jul 18, 2013

    I went throught a lot of hell and lost my kids... DHS and GAL would make up whatever and feed it to the judge and i really didn't get a fair chance to get my kids and be left alone... I just lost my kids in late jan 2013... I'd give anything to have them back and home with me where they belong, but DHS flat out lied in court on many occasions and my laywer was court appointed and would NEVER step up and do her job...She may have gotten more done asleep because she NEVER did her job on my end and other's in court saw this also...

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  • Sa
      Mar 10, 2017

    @Samantha Sanders 1981 I know what you mean I have court papers full of lies that they made up so they could take my child its all very sickening

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  • Bu
      Apr 28, 2014

    I agree completely. They are able to keep their actions hidden behind "confidentiality". The actions of child protection workers and the courts need to be exposed. The public that are not directly affected by these evil deeds are none the wiser, but the amount of tax dollars used for this is shocking.

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  • An
      Nov 15, 2015

    My ex husband had sole custody of my children. They said he was a decorated military veteran- in fact, he had been arrested by AF OSI in Portugal in 1993 and got booted out of the military. I am a moral mother who has no substance abuse problems, no legal problems, have never used a narcotic in my life. I too was prior military, and in fact, was working for the Federal government when the state of Iowa seized my younger child from me. She was ten years old at the time. A court in another state terminated my ex-husband's parental rights (his name was Frank) for having raped my older daughter during the five years I was never allowed to see her that she was with him. (He had more money, and many of the court officials in the midwest are involved in a pedophile ring...they cover for one another. His pastor was also convicted in a wrongful death lawsuit and had to pay several hundred thousands of dollars after two other girls, not my daughters, were raped and murdered by his close friends. I couldn't make this up- this stuff really happens all the time in America.) Long story short- the child I had never abused, they tried to reconcile to Frank, who is on a sex offender registry in another state. They couldn't because I put up billboards of his deeds all over Des Moines. I met a woman named Marcy S*****-S**** whose children were placed with her ex-husband, and I heard tape recordings of the judge who knew her ex-husband was a pedophile, saying he was going to enjoy watching the children raised by the sex offender. That mother nearly lost her mind. She used to be a DHS worker, but they took her children when she exposed the pedophile ring. Long story short, I never got my children back. (I am not Marcy- she was one of many women who lived the same nightmare I lived over my children in the CPS (NOT really protective but abusive service). Because my daughters were abused out of my care, both are angry with me. If you don't have a handy $200, 000 laying around to fight to get your children out of CPS once they seize them, it's nearly impossible. There is a HUGE problem all over the United States with CPS taking children and then the children are abused sexually or killed. States get federal funds for having certain quotas of "fresh, young flesh" available for abuse in those foster homes. It is Un-Constitutional and differs none from Nazi Germany in its depravity towards children. I used to try and stop the abuse- but after being beaten and hospitalized twice for exposing criminal activity, I realize that it is wiser to stay alive than to face criminals alone. In truth, America doesn't need a Children's Protective Services. it has become nothing but a haven for pedophiles sponsored by the state. The whole DHS should be disbanded for the sake of poor, American children. By the way- I was investigated for EIGHT years, and they NEVER found me, the mother to have abused my children in any way. It really begs the question then, so that being the case, WHY were my daughters not allowed to be raised by me? They were not taken from their mother to protect them- but rather, to cover up for the pedophile that would have been prosecuted if I had been allowed to see them. P.S. My daughter did a nationwide radio talk show just eight months ago, where she and 28 others came forward to tell what happened to them away from their mothers. And guess what? NOTHING has been done to prevent the same kinds of things from happening to minor children today. There are family court judges, therapists, social workers, nurses and many others in the CPS pedophile rings in the DHS umbrella. Funny too, you don't see any church groups or pastors out there speaking up on behalf of those children... they all just pretend it isn't happening. Kind of makes them guilty too, don't you think? I keep all my documents on flash drive in numerous offices in five states, because of all I have been through with CPS and my children. The best advice I can give you is to start tape recording them, use your phone, a mini tape recorder, always question the CPS people with friends and family with you, and tape their responses. Go online and try to find others who are going thru the same thing- then post your documents BIG and PUBLIC. Rent a bullhorn and play the tape recorded conversations with judges and attorneys, doctors, nurses and social workers. Get them in their lies and their abuses, and let the whole world know. It is the only legal and nonviolent way we can expose what they are doing and shut them down. When you are dealing with people who have no concern for children, who themselves are bigger abusers than the mothers they are taking the children from, the only way a woman can fight back, is to tape record it, post the evidence big and public, and fight like a legal bear using those kinds of methods to bring truth forward over and above the abusive and deceptive CPS methods of taking your babies. I did, and my daughters are alive and free today. PLUS- I got them away from the child rapist father and out of foster care. CPS is SCARED to death of you posting your evidence big and public, and using their tape recorded proceedings to prove what they really are. The tape recordings work. PLUS- you can always post all of your stuff to the Internet... and put it on billboards, hand it out in pamphlets, and just make it as public as possible. It pulls the lid off all their pedophile ring and lies. CPS is NOTHING but state sponsored human trafficking.

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  • Je
      Nov 24, 2015

    Here is what the adoption and safe families act of 1997 did to american children...

    My, my, what are the politicians up to?

    A major problem with what is happening all over the united states is that almost unlimited power has been given to family courts and the human services agency to remove children from homes, without any legal recourse available to the mothers whose children have been seized by a corrupt and "too powerful" governmental agency. Some of the (Non) abuses that take place in which children are removed, is a mother is poor, or the mother is a person who is a devout jew, muslim or christian, because a social worker disapproves of the wholesome lifestyle offered to the children. Minority mothers, such as native americans, blacks and latinas have also had their children removed. Access to money, litigation and qualified representation is almost non-existent for the aforementioned women. Nowhere does the "state" or the social worker have to prove the mother was abusive, in order to seize the child and keep the child away from the parent for years.

    Because the states must have quotas of abused children in order to receive their portion of federal funds for human services and health agencies, the child protective services has become an agency that is more concerned with perpetuating itself for the sake of money, than they are in actually protecting women and children.In fact, it would be far more cost effective to assist mothers in education and rehabilitation, and ultimately unification with their children, who never should have been removed in the first place, than it is to keep a child in the dhs system. Of course, quite often the children end up raped, abused, molested or dead in dhs care. There is no accountability, no way for the mother to know what is happening to her children, and most of the court officials, who are paid by the "state" and who represent the business of the "state, " have full immunity from prosecution, no matter what happens to a child. Furthermore, they aren't going to cut off their own paychecks and legal and therapeutic careers for the sake of those children without the law forcing them to do so. After all, they are using a corrupt and twisted "law" they put into being, in order to behave in illegal ways with american children.

    It is all about how states receive hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Without bonuses for adoptions, bonuses for administering medicines, and extra funds for children who are handicapped or who exhibit "behavioral problems" (Which is frequent after children enter foster care and are subsequently raped and abused) , states would have to shut down a portion of their annual budgets. Thus, america has a little secret... It isn't the communists, it isn't the marxist... It is that the federal government has become like the kgb or the gestapo, in seizing and abusing the children of its citizens, without true cause or real due process. The system and its lawyers, its "top secret child abuse social workers" don't have to prove anything. They can just take a child and abuse it, and not give the child back. It is happening to the tune of over a half million american children every year.

    That is more child rape and child abuse than either isis or al-qaeda conduct on an annual basis. (I am not saying that i am for either of those terror groups, as i am not. My purpose for comparison is merely to point out that we have a national crisis taking place, in which american children are human trafficked by our own government, at a rate of hundreds of thousands of children more than isis or al-qaeda rapes children annually - yet the religious groups, the attorneys, the human rights groups and the civil rights groups are all largely silent about this. ) why?

    And here is how this situation came to be, in part. The adoption and safe families act, public law 105-89, was made an act of law by president bill clinton on 19 november 1997. Your elected congressmen and congresswomen, both democrat and republican, approved this bill before president clinton signed it into law. Do you know what effect that law has had upon children and the american family?

    The law requires states to be in compliance with it in order for the state to receive federal funds for child welfare. That means that each state had to pass laws similar to and compatible with the asfa of november 1997. This took place under the deceptive guise of "protecting children with special needs. " however, the real change was in title iv-e of social security act funding of children placed out-of-home. No longer were the rights of the parents and the integrity of the american family of value any more. Now, the "state" owned the children, under the fake premise of "well-being of the child" supposedly put foremost. As most of the mothers who had their children taken by the dhs system can testify, their children ended up abused far worse out of the birth mother"s care than in the home they were removed from in the care of the mother, the majority of the time. This was an act that both republicans and democrats took part in bringing to the foreground. It was not only a scheme for social security wealth redistribution, but in fact, it is in conflict with the united states bill of rights and the u. S. Constitution. Hillary clinton in particular campaigned endlessly to see that this act would pass. (I am neither democrat nor republican, i am an american citizen. )

    Whereas before this act was passed, there were no time limits on parents having to prove their fitness to have their children returned to them. After the act was made law, children became a product in a state-sponsored human-trafficking industry, in which the state is "all powerful, " doesn't have to prove its case, can withhold evidence the parent might need in defense of having the child returned to her, furthermore, states were given monetary incentives to take children out of homes and keep them out of parental homes, as a means of funding state budgets.

    The fact that president and hillary clinton could pass such a law with the consent of both parties in the house and senate, tells us how truly far from the constitution this country has strayed. And it isn't as if the same agency, the dhs, didn't already have a history of abuse... So much so, in fact, that in 1978 the u. S. Government passed the indian child welfare act to prevent the dhs from taking anywhere from 25% to 35% of all native american children out of indian homes and adopting them out. While there has been some remedy from governmental abuse of native american children, it still hasn't been adequately rectified, and abuse persists on the part of the u. S. Government. The only difference is that now, the states have a vested share in also removing black children, latino children, and poor, white children. (I am not saying that no children in america are abused by their natural or birth parents. What i am saying, is that before bill clinton's act, it wasn't the industry it is today. Despite some children being abused by parents, the fact remains, that america no longer needs a department of human services children protective agency. Yes, a few children would still be abused, but in fact, the likelihood of a child being raped or murdered would be far less without a cps agency in which more children are abused more horrifically in the majority of cases, than if they had never been taken from the mother to begin with. )

    What is needed is for groups of citizens to unite in a focused effort to take this problem and these cases for children before the united nations and courts in foreign nations, in order to draw focus and attention to the problems created by an un-constitutional department of human services agency and its inhumane abuse of power and its crimes against the american children. It is high time that "decent" americans care more for the youth of this nation that are being sexually molested, raped, abused, and in some cases, killed in the care of the health and human services "protective" agency, than we do about selfish pastimes. There are children all over america who are crying without their mommies tonight, who are being exposed to grown men's sexual appetites in the middle of the night in foster homes, who are being medicated when they don't need to be, and whose lives are being shattered by a system that exists solely to move funds from the federal government to the states.

    The elderly and the children of america don't need a department of human services to "protect" them. May god help those children, and may he really protect them from an intrusive and abusive children protective services agency that destroys american families. What those children need is a real constitutional republic, in which the ordinary citizen can protect the child from a government that harms the children without any prospect of real due process in the kangaroo family courts that are staffed, run, serviced, and presided over by the persons who are also paid by the same entity that harms those children, for the sake of receiving federal funds.

    I look forward to hearing some of your responses.

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  • Hm
      Aug 17, 2018

    @Jenny Sims I'M CURRENTLY involved in a DHS CINA case and you literally took EVERY single word out of my mouth that I have been saying from the beginning and wrote it in this article!!! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!! I'M READY... WHO'S WITH ME!!! I'll DO WHATEVER TAKES TO EXPOSE THIS DISGUSTING DEPARTMENT FULL OF INDIVIDUALS DETERMINED TO DESTROY FAMILY AND MOTHER/CHILDREN BONDS AND RELATIONSHIPS!!!

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  • Ru
      Jul 20, 2017

    My story started in 2013 when I was a beating down by the guy I was with I was holding my youngest son at the time in my arms and he beat both of us I called the police the police came took a report DHS got involved because child got hurt at court when they went to go put a China on my children he was arrested and charged with a simple assault walked free 30 minutes later this was supposed to be his second domestic I went and got two different restraining orders because the first one they would not take he came back in the home and beat me up again the police were called to help they came and they remove my children yes I was not in the proper mental state but who would be after being beaten on and the authorities were not being there to help they left me and they took my children and said I needed to go get help they would not return my children to me I soon became pregnant with my fourth child I got my own apartment and was with the baby's dad that I was currently pregnant with I went to court for my oldest three children and shortly afterwards and visit I had while I was at my visit DHS came in and told me that my stuff have been packed up and placed outside the apartment where I was living because my DHS worker told the guy I was with who I was separating from to do so shortly afterwards I relapsed on methamphetamines so I could become part of the Hope House and get my first three children back at that time I was still pregnant I delivered my youngest child at the Hope House it is hard to be impatient with your children and it is hard to have a baby at one of those places my youngest son is special needs he cried all the time I barely got any sleep at night I was lucky to get a half an hour solid sleep we were in the hospital a lot I was in Iowa City when I got the news that I was being kicked out because I was not there At the Hope House I made a mother's decision and stayed at the hospital with the child that needed me my other three were at their grandparents my children when they kick me out they accuse me of having Munchausen and munchausen's by proxy they held on to that allegation y'all was putting plane only gave me a two-hour visit every week I have A5 bedroom home I have stability now but they still terminate my rights I begged and begged for more visits with my kids and they refused I haven't seen my children in over 3 months now it is destroyed me I was a good mom and I was very close to my children my oldest son is trying to kill himself because he wants to come home I don't understand why they would allow torture and torment happened I thought he was already abused they didn't offer me help and I did not try to understand what I got out of it is it is okay to cause more detrimental harm to the family that the help I need my story to get out there's much more to it I don't understand why the department is this way they knew my life story they knew I tried they didn't care they wanted my children from me my name is been cleared from the munchausen's of munchausen's by proxy but only after the termination was put in place I don't understand it

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  • Ay
      Nov 22, 2017

    I need help, NOW! DHS has been involved in my families life for the past year. Permanency is to be revisited in 6 months. My children are both teenagers, so it has been decided that I will retain my parental rights, but unless I figure out how to jump through the hoops they have set before me- I will not regain custodial guardianship.
    The things that are required for me to regain custody are contradictory of each other, and i have no idea how I can possibly do anything satisfactory enough to complete their want list.
    Please help!!
    Melissa King

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  • Ni
      Aug 21, 2019

    I went through major abuse AFTER being placed into foster care because of neglect. I went through 12 foster homes homes in two years. Most were abusive. I was taken away and adopted. I am writing the story of my life for publishing and it's coming out via author name Nisa Lampe in the very near future. I hope to help be a blessing to many when it's finally done.

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