DHGate / ripped me off

United States

I purchased a dress for $130 from one of the vendors on DH gate. It arrived after a few weeks, and the dress was not made properly. The beading on the front was totally off-center. I submitted a request for refund through the site, as instructed and was 'denied' by the seller. I modified my request and said that I would even pay for shipping to send it back, I just want the purchase price refunded - rejected again. So, I then escalated the complaint to DH Gate. After uploading photo evidence and thoroughly explaining why I want my money back, their 'suggested resolution' is for me to keep the dress, and receive a refund of $20. I did not agree to it, said that I do not want the dress, I want my $ back, well, they marked the case as 'refunded' and my case is now 'closed'. SCAM. Do not give these people your money!!!

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