Dharitri ( Land Records Computerization ) / Difficulties of operation of Dharitri(Land Records Computerization0 web site by common users

1 India

1. It is my observation that the website does not so easy access for user friendly by end users.
2. Found difficulties in creating the new user ID with usual software operation or specification to operate the web should be indicated to in website in FAQ
3. Factually I hope it will be for the people and of the people instead fur the people and off the people.
4. It is found that is hypocrite and pseudo in nature.
5. Should be Included FAQ for using the website or easy guidance for common users.
6. Please make note that the highlighted facilities are reaching the innocent users for development of cent percent development of Assam computerization. Nevertheless it will be hypocrite or pseudo for our society. There may be involvement of more exploitation and corruption for achieving the information through the said Dharitri website :

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