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1 1505 N. Univewrsity, Fargo, United States Review updated:

Dear Sirs, We've just had over 20, TWENTY!!, DEX phone books dropped off in the front of our apt. building. Whom ever you have working for you, didn't even bring them inside!! There are only 6 apartments within the building and surely no need for over 20 phone books!!! THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF OUR PRECIOUS RESOURCES AND INCREDIBLY LAZY ON THEIR PART. The person or persons who have done this need to come and get them NOW and then be terminated. Our address is 1505 North University Dr. Fargo, ND 58102. If the books are still there in 2 days, WE will be putting in a complaint with the City Of Fargo, The Better Business Bureau, and all other necessary departments. Phone books need only be dropped off 1, ONE, time a year, if at all!!! If people want them, they'll either call or pick one up at specific locations. WE are taking this VERY SERIOUS. OUR resources are already depleted and our landfills are over loaded to the max. And it IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to have to take them to a recycle center. Either way, it is a waste for us and for your company. Thank you. Selena F. Akerley 1505 North University Apt. 6 Fargo, ND 58102

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      8th of Aug, 2012

    Stop delivering phonebooks. No one wants these! Our building was stuck with over 50 unwanted books and they all ended up in the dumpster. Directly from you to the trash.. this is a huge part of why this world is going to hell. The recycling process combined with all your printing is costing a huge carbon footprint FOR NO REASON. Everyone uses the internet, stop doing this!

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