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Dex Online / Scam and cheating

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 719-444-1153

My business had a contract with Dex Media for one year for which we paid through our Qwest phone bill. I received a phone call asking about renewing and told them I must speak to my husband/partner. They then called back and we told them NO, we do not want any more advertising with them, just the free, basic listing.

When I received my current phone bill, there is a charge for Dex Media Online for twice the cost as last year. I phoned them immediately and told them I had spoken to rep. and did not want any more advertising. They denied I had spoken to them the second time about denying future ad. and said it was too late, our ad renewed and I had to pay for the full year.

I tried calling their claims number, the rep I spoke to, etc. They said we had to pay and if we didn't, they would submit us to collections.

I have tried and not been able to resolve this. We are a small business that is trying to survive without paying for extra advertising that we don't need. Dex says when you call them that the call may be recorded, but when I asked for them to look this up, they only have 'notes' about the first call.

I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau for which they have an 'F' rating. Please, do not do business with them.

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  • Ca
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I have had a great experience with my Dex Media program both print and internet and find it funny that you have such complaints. Always two sides to the story, I wonder what the other side looks like? Always easy to point fingers at the big bad company.

  • Va
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    Dex is still trying the same shoddy sales tactics in late December 2009 as well. We also had a paid ad for one year, they called and tried to sign us up for another year, we said "No Thanks" since our business was down and very few calls had actually come in from our Dex ad during the previous 12 months (we always asked how the customer found us).

    Dex claimed that we would have to fill out more paperwork to stop the automatic yearly re-billing of our ad even though we had already told them "No Thanks" on several occasions (when they called wanting to re-do our ad from the previous year. They promised to send over the paperwork they claimed they needed to cancel their so-called "automatic yearly ad re-bill" but never did.

    Now they are trying to claim that after several months of telling them "No Thanks" we called them and changed our minds (we never called them and certainly didn't change our mind about not renewing any advertising with them) and want $1, 000 for an ad we never authorized.

    They also claim that they have "notes" in their file authorizing the ad placement, yet can't produce a single authorization, or a purchase order, or a tape of the conversation where we authorized any re-run of our original ad.

    Dex has become a scam of the worst kind. Small businesses are much better off advertising their wares or services using Google or other search engines.

  • 0 Votes

    Dex Media aka R.H.Donnelly aka DexOne and who know what else names they are using these days. This company has cheated my business for many years. Over selling on my ads, when the salesman was clearly told what my budget was. Not honoring what they said they would do. My problem was not getting anything in writing. Even verbal agreements are legal, I am going to take this to the BBB and the Federal Agency that regulates this scam outfit. I always thought I could trust this company. The new Dex One is more dishonest than the several owners of this company before them. No wonder they had to file bankruptcy. Slime like this company should not be allowed to be in business. This company was forgiven 6BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. Now they have come back again under a new name DexOne but guess what they are still the ### of the earth. It's slime like this that gives America a bad name. I wish I could just re-organize like these crooks, do any small businesses have floors of attorney's I think not. I will not give up and I hope to see them in court with all their floors of attorney's I guess they can afford that now they are 6 BILLION DOLLARS LIGHTER IN THE CHECK BOOK.

  • My
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    Does it seem odd to anyone else that carwashking is even looking up Dex on this site if he's so happy? Probably one of their lawyers killing time between coffee breaks. I won't be renewing my worthless subscription to Dex online service. The service is just a liability that I can't afford.
    My unsolicited advice to small (local) business owners is, treat your customers like family and they will send you business for free!

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