SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bad customer service despite overpriced over-inflated merchandise

I have bought an overpriced detacher hook and an even more grossly inflated magnetic tag detacher from the site I never received the items, and all I get is the runaround. It's been a month and now they don't even bother to respond to my emails. To top it all off, I have checked my account and found out that the company has taken a whopping $560.99 from my account. It was done without authorization and any notice. No wonder they won't respond to my enquiries. These people are thieves and maybe someone can advise what I should do in order to recover my money from these crooks.

The disgusting thing is that they run a bogus reviews website where they happily recommend themselves while dismissing other legitimate companies as scams, thereby hoodwinking the unsuspecting public into buying their illegally priced items. What a total fraud!

Apr 15, 2016

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