Destiny MccartsRip off

Destiny Mccart of Malvern Arkansas ripped us off for $1075.00. How? She was listed on selling puppies. We "purchased" two puppies from her. got all these sob stories and after months of her not retuning calls or emails I called her neighbor and it was her father. She claimed that she would send the money back to us, but guess what. She changed her phone # and email and we still have got nothing. This was in august of 2004.
We contacted her local PD and our local PD and were told they could not do anything about it. We contacted the BBB and they placed her on the "bad list". What a joke. We then contacted the attorney generals office in both hers and our state. Nothing will be done.

We contacted he FBI, they "may be able to help". We wer told by the FBI that you can scam people on the net for $1000's of $$ and unless they get a LOT of complaints, nothing will be done. :mad:

Keeps a heads up for this one.


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