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Shmueli insists his company did nothing wrong. "I'm a very honest person, " he says. This industry is so fraught with deceptive practices that the state and federal agencies in charge of stopping them are scrambling just to keep up. "People are definitely being taken advantage of by destination movers. This company is obviously very skilled at ripping consumers off, "

Ruben thinks that he is so tricky, nice website, pleasant people to reel you in... check out this website:

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! They are crooked!!! They will steal from you lie and treat you like a piece of dirt. I don't know how they can sleep at night. They are all bad people. Even those young girls like yvonne, ana, erika, michelle etc.

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  •   Aug 30, 2008

    As described in previous complaints I have also suffered from the business practices of Destination Movers. I moved from Philadelphia on July 3rd to Denver. Starting a new job and moving across country is hard enough... but being lied to and thinking you will never receive your property is anxiety provoking. 21 business days would have been August 1st. After numerous phone calls, waiting on hold, numerous lies/excuse, unanswered emails (supposedly the best way to reach the managers/ dispatchers Max and Reuben) and threats to have my property delivered back to Philadelphia, I finally received it on August 23rd.

    To start, pick-up was scheduled b/t 9-11. Only by me calling was I informed that they would be late, and eventually showed up around 5pm. Then I was told my property took up over 100 cubic feet more than estimated and was to be charged $2100 instead of the initial $1400. Needless to say I threw some stuff away... it was only a 1 bdrm apartment and does not take up that much space. And of course, I was in a rush to move because I had to drive out west and start my new job.

    On delivery to my sister's new house, they claimed they could not get the couch in (a larger sofa bed had already been moved inside without a problem), offered to bring it in through the window (who does that??) but instead tore it shoving it through the door. My brand new living room set was chaffed open on all sides. My 'fragile' labeled box had a hole in it and all of my picture frames were shattered. A wheel was missing off a container, my bike and several other items never made it onto the truck.

    I received someone else's XXX Yankee outfit and a kids' toys wrapped in my belongings. I have someone else's step stool, oh and a stack of blank CD's was stolen and the box rewrapped. And FYI, the truck driver mentioned that she had to yell at the Destination Moving guy to stop throwing furniture off the truck the day before.

    They have no respect for peoples' hard earned property. They were rude, unprofessional, and irrational. It has been a horrible experience and I would only recommend U-haul in the future. I hope there is a way to spread the word and get these people out of business.

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  • An
      Oct 27, 2008

    I totally agree with you and if i had known how manipulative and crooked they were i would have never hired them.

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