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Destination Movers / extortion & hostage of your belongings

1 Hallandale or Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

Similar to everyone. They pull the bait and switch. Offer excellent friendly service and pull you in with great prices.
First mistake:
give them your deposit
2nd Mistake
THey pick up your stuff:
they now have half of your deposit, your belongings, and charge you for packing materials and additonal fees and you cant do anything because you have to move out.

Final mistake:
Either Pay them up or they dont deliver your stuff. You risk losing half your deposit and your personal belongings and you sleep on the floor for an entire month.

thats what happened to me, do let this happen to you!

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  • An
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    wow that's terrible send me a message i have some good news for you.

  • Me
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    Last year, 2008, I finally got the chance to leave the Big N.Y.C. and relocate to Florida. My fiance who resides here in Florida had arranged for a moving company, Destination Movers, to pick up all of my packed belongings in my storage room in The Bronx and also pick up the rest of my boxes in my mom"s apartment. We got the quoted rate of $1239.00 for EVERYTHING! And that was including the 15min. ride to my mom's house to pick up the remaining boxes. The date was set and the pick up time was set as well. My two small daughters were anxious and happy. I had just given my job I had for the last 11 years, my last exit interview and I was on my way to start my life with my daughters and my fiance at last. Destination Movers did not show up Wednesday as agreed but early that Thursday morning. OK!!! Max, the head boss at the company couldn't give me a reason why nor could he locate the drivers, so he gave me the drivers personal cell phone #...HUH!!!

  • Me
      12th of Jan, 2009
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    Part 2---I then called the number that was given to me by the HEAD BOSS, Max, to see why HIS moving company did not make to my mother's apartment that day. Some bullcrap about too much furniture to be moved from a Manhattan business company! We then set up an appointment for the next morning to meet at the storage place in The Bronx. Yes, Destination Movers was there. I carefully instructed them that I had a Schwinn Stingray/Chopper bicycle that was not to get any scratches on it inside of my room. I showed them the boxes to be moved including my deep-red bicycle. The bike was boarded first on the truck and then my belongings. I then rode with them over to my mother's house which was basically 10min. When we got there, my mother had already moved all of my belongings in the hallway to make it easier for them to move. I lived on the 16th. floor-both elevators operable at the time, easy move since my mom helped. However, at the time of departure, (remember I said the quoted cost was $1239.00?) well, the cost jumped to $2200.00. Listed on my receipt was stairs & elevator cost, mind you that the elevator was working, no stairs were used at all. The stop to my mother's apartment was considered an "extra" stop. And I had too many boxes!!! I was then given a drop date which was 7-days from that pick up date. My things NEVER arrived. I had to wait an additional 7-days more...When my belongings was on the way, the drivers then tried to get me to pay in cash when it was already settled on credit card...they even threated me...(part 2 tomorrow).

  • Me
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    They told me that if I don't pay in cash, that my belongings would be taken to their warehouse and be delivered when I did have the cash. Mind you that my fiance had an agreement with this company and it was to my understanding that everything, once again, was taken care of. My little girls were upset mainly because they had to go without their clothes and toys for 2-weeks. My fiance gave a call to the company and phoned me afterwards to let me know he was on his way home to meet this moving company who was giving us so much trouble. My fiance said that the moving company would be at the house within an hour, which was the time he was coming in. Well, between that time of an hour and after he got in, turned into 4-long hours. I have never argued with a company or let anyone piss me off so much than this Destination Moving company. I tell you, this Destination Moving company was destined to make my life hectic and you know what? It did!!! Not only was my belongings taken off of that HUGE TRUCK, but what they did not deliver was my BIKE!!! I noticed the day after all of this non-sense with this company that my bike was missing...I was so damn furious. A collector's model and it was gone. I called them back and boy was I in for the CYCLONE ride of my life...(part 3 tomorrow).

  • Me
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    I was told by a young lady there that there was nothing that could be done re my missing bicycle. I tried to stay calm and I could hear on the phone that she knew I was not at all happy, she then again put her boss, Max, on the phone. I explained to him nicely that my bicycle was missing from all of the boxes and furniture that was unloaded off of the truck. His response was, "there's is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you'll have to call the claim dept.". And I did just that!!! I called the number that Max had gave me & the man on the other end of the phone sounded like I was disturbing his "coffee & newspaper" break. So rude are the people that I am coming into contact with. I'm from New York and you're not allowed to be unhelpful at all. If so, there were consequences to pay! I worked in the hospitality industry and we had to rectify each and every situation & make sure that the customer was satisfied to the end!!! This man at the claim dept. told me they don't take information over the phone anymore and told me to go online if I needed to place a claim. Then he hung up!!! I went online, printed what had to be printed, made copies of all of my documents that needed to be sent in to this Anthem Claim Company and waited for a response. Last December I placed a call to Anthem Claim to find out the status of my case and you know what??????? A lady picked up and said "we don't handle claims anymore. You have to call the moving company back because we sent your paperwork to them". I was LIVID!!! I called Destination Movers again and spoke to the same girl from months before and she confirmed that they NOW handled all of the claims. I then proceeded to ask her my status on my paperwork that Anthem sent to her company. She said that she didn't know what I was talking about and that I would have to email her a letter stating what it was that was lost or missing from my items. I then hung up on her and called Anthem back furious as hell. The same lady answered again and as I tried to explain to her that I was being given the run around she rudely interrupted me and said "It's not our problem. Call the moving company back". I asked her who had all of my paperwork--again she rudely said "Call the moving company. They should have your paperwork because we don"t". I called stupid Destination Movers back again and tried to deal with my situation on a more civil term but I was and am very humiliated to know that a company can do this to anyone. The young lady there told me that she would work with me on the matter. She had claimed that her boss was going down to the warehouse room and she wanted me to email information on my item that was missing. I did, however, it took a week for "look" and all I got was that there was some broken furniture and items that did not match my item which was a deep-red collector's model bicycle!!! I asked her to let me come over to look since I'm located in Florida and her response was that nobody was allowed in that warehouse. Now, today, January 14, 2009, Destination Movers have changed their phone number and all I'm allowed to leave is a stinking message!!! I told them last year that I didn't want to have to get a lawyer for them upping the moving price on me and my missing Schwinn but I'm noticing that I am not the only person who was scammed and ripped off by this so-called company. In order to solve this issue, those of us that was scammed on or ripped off by this company, we have to COME TOGETHER and resolve this . Please contact me. I had a big box of Gevalia coffee and teas that was amongst my belongings that is missing and I knew that Destination Movers is sitting back and enjoying the taste and aromas of my coffee and teas, but what's important to me is my Schwinn Bicycle. If they can't pay me for it then it should be handled in court. Again contact me, Melissa.

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