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Destination Maternity / Horrible Store Clerk

1 Cherry Hill, NJ, United States Review updated:

Instead of re-explaining my recent experience at this store, here is the letter I had to send to them:

To Whom it May Concern:

On Saturday, January 24, 2009, I went to your Cherry Hill store location to exchange a couple items and received the remaining dollar amount in the form of merchandise credit. The clerk who waited on me explained to me the terms of the merchandise credit, that I should treat it like cash and should it get lost or stolen there will be no replacements. I proceeded to initial the receipt as I fully understood these terms and she put my new items in the bag and handed me the receipt and sent me on my way.

In the car on my way home, I pulled out the receipt to check where it said “merchandise credit” so I knew how to present it next time I shop there and noticed that on the receipt it says “gift card tendered” and the dollar amount. So I figured that either I was supposed to get a gift card to use as my credit or that’s just how they ring it up, regardless I should probably call right away, which I should mention is less than 15-20 minutes after leaving the store.

The clerk who waited on me happened to be the person who answered the phone and I explained to her who I was and she seemed to remember me, so I let her know that if I was supposed to receive a gift card for my credit, I didn’t and that I’d be willing to turn around and come back to pick it up. This is where the problem begins. Her entire attitude immediately changed and she began raising her voice to me saying that she’s positive she handed me the gift card and there’s nothing she can do about it. So I said to her that I was literally in the car still and tearing the bag apart and my purse looking for it even though I was sure she didn’t give it to me and I see no gift card. Then she begins yelling at me, in a tone not even my own husband would take with me, telling me that she explained the terms and if it’s lost or stolen she can’t help me. Just to add…my credit was for $136 and I was not about to just say ok and let her get away with disregarding my well deserved credit. Obviously after leaving the store about 15 minutes prior, I have not lost nor had it stolen and I know that she never gave it to me. After another minute of putting up with her unbelievably disrespectful tone, I begin bawling my eyes out and have no idea what to do at this point but to get her off the phone so that I don’t have to deal with this type of behavior.

After about another half hour of stressing and crying over this and explaining the situation to my husband who, by the way, is absolutely appalled and heartbroken over how upset this person has made his pregnant wife, she finally calls me back to say that she found it there in the store and I can pick it up, which is a sad excuse for an apology. I did pick up the gift card the next day in hopes that she wouldn’t be there.

My point to this complaint is not only that someone who works in customer service and retail is treating a customer in such a horrible manner, but that she also happens to work in a maternity store. No pregnant woman should ever have to deal with this type of behavior from anyone. I don’t care how hormonal or sensitive a pregnant woman can be, it is absolutely, undeniably, unacceptable for anyone to be treated this way. Now I’m stuck with $136 worth of credit for a store I don’t ever even wish to return to and have to deal with the discomfort of possibly running into this person again.

I truly believe that not all of your store clerks behave this way, but based on my experience there, I will find it extremely difficult to not mention this situation to my friends and family members. I strongly feel that they should be warned and aware of what to expect should they decide to go against my advice to not even bother shopping there.

Thank you for your time and I hope in the future it is stressed to your employees what it means to work in customer service and also to have to deal with a specific type of clientele. I’m sure there are seminars and anger management courses available for situations like this.

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      6th of Jul, 2009
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    I too had a horrendous experience at the New Orleans Destination Maternity store. There were three people working ( I use that term loosely), one register working, and after the saleclerk made a mistake and re-stocked items my daughter had spent an hour trying on, my daughter, expecting twins and quite exhausted, had to go back and try one of the dresses on again to determine what size she had picked. We had to wait in line behind a very lengthy checkout, and after some tension (neither the store manager nor the clerk) looked at me, or said a word, the clerk began yelling a me when I said "Thank You" to her as I left, reminding her that she had not even acknowledge me as I left. It was surreal. She was yelling at me that "customer service means you have to wait!" Her manager never even raised her eyes to get involved, in fact when I asked if she was this clerk's manager she responded "yes, but I really don't want to get involved.." She actually said that! My daughter by this time is up on her feet, and quite upset that someone is yelling at her mom, and she starts arguing with the clerk and the manager is just standing there. It was like nothing I've ever experience. The manager did not want to tell me her name, but I did get her manager's name, "Lisa." This in a maternity shop. I brought my very upset and visibly shaken daughter home (we had traveled an hour to get to this store, ) and I am in the process of finding who in this corporation I can relay this entire story to. Unbelievably incompetent, rude, abusive behavior in a MATERNITY shop. I will bring this situation to someone who can look into it further.

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