Desert Sun Moving Services / Damaged Goods

1 3785 E 34 Street, Suite 103, Tucson Arizona 85713, AZ, United States

Several expensive pieces of furniture were damaged upon delivery. We have asked for a fair amount to cover the cost of repairs; however, the company only sent us a check based upon the weight of the damaged objects, stating that we had not purchased additional coverage. We had not been made aware of such coverage. Furthermore, the objects were damaged due to the mishandling of those objects by their crew--standing on furniture instead of using a stepladder, for example. We are not expecting a full refund; the company managed to move the vast majority of our possessions without incident. We are only expecting to receive a fair amount of remuneration to cover the cost of repair. Their check--based upon weight--falls about $378 short of that goal.

Sep 28, 2014

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