Desert Funding / Fraudulant Ebay seller BUYERS BEWARE

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BUYER BEWARE! I am very concerned that a person that has been doing business on ebay for a few years now can manipulate people like this. I bought an item from this person, paid in full. The item got to me and when I used it, it didn't function like it said in the ad. We had an approved autoclave service look at this item to repair it. They told me they wouldn't touch it because it had been tampered with. There was medical tape on the inside where the electrical wiring and what not was (i.e. the circuit board). Well, I just chalked it up as just a loss and left neutral feedback on here. I was then contacted by the seller and asked to change my feedback in order to get a full refund. I mistakenly did so, and it apparently was damaged in transport, however, there was no insurance on this but when I had it shipped to me it wasn't insured as well. I paid $310 plus $30 shipping and the second time, certified mail $40 more. That was at my expense. I have just been informed after going back and forth after all this time (it has been going back and forth since June) that all I would receive was the DAMAGED item back. I am extremely mad about this. How can they get away with this? How can they be allowed to do this? They at best should not be allowed to ask a person to change their feedback BEFORE they issue a refund. This person needs to not be allowed to do business on Ebay or at best my feedback should be changed to what a manipulating person/business this is. I want my money back.


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