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My brother and I had bought a truck through our company. My brother had been the one dealing on the truck and got everything in order. I then had a day off work, and thought I would make the trip up to Edmonton to pick up the truck. I called ahead and explained my situation, that I was not the one dealing on the truck but would be the one coming to pick it up. I spoke to the sales manager, who passed me through to finance to see if it would be sufficient. She said all I would need to do is bring a void cheque and we could make it work. I notified them I would be passing through the city in 4 hours and she assured me she would have everything ready. I hop in with a friend that was going to Edmonton for the weekend and got a ride to the dealership, walk through the doors, identify myself, and got a deer in the headlights look, as if I was some sort of creature from another planet whom they knew nothing about. Explained the situation to the same girl i spoke with on the phone and she still assured me that I could take the truck, the only stipulation is that I would have to bring the paper work home to my brother, as his name was on all of the paper. I then got approached by a salesman who told me, "dealerships don't like surprises, you really should have planned ahead." I felt like telling the dope that I did plan ahead, and explained to the finance lady I was not the one who dealt on the truck, but would be the one coming to pick it up . It was your guys' incompetence that lead to this " surprise", not mine . She then tells me I need to take the truck for a test drive, and she will handle the paper work . No body gives me any keys to take the truck for a drive . I get approached by the salesman again and he said he was taking the truck to get detailed. Well the truck didn't move from the time I got to the dealership to the time I left. After sitting on the lobby for 2 hours, the finance lady gets the notion to tell me that there are too many "legalities" for me to take the truck, and that the truck was not even ready to be picked up, therefore my brother would have to pick it up at a later date . So there i stood, in a dealership, with no way of getting home, which is a 3 hour drive . Stunned, I called my friend who had originally drove me to Edmonton and he wasted the remainder of his day driving me back home. Not only did I waste an entire day accomplishing absolutely nothing, even though I was assured everything would work out, but my friend lost his entire weekend due to the dealerships lack of listening skills. Not even a "sorry for the inconvenience." Just a come back another day and Hopfully our heads are out of our ###. I called both the finance manager as well as the sales manager at 3pm to see if I could get the paper work switched to my name (as I am half owner of the company). Neither of them called back. As i mentioned before, all I needed to bring was "a void cheque" and when I arrived to the dealership, all of a sudden they needed $5000 cheque. I'm not saying they should have just handed me the keys and let me take the truck, even though my name was not on any paper work, . What bothered me is that I called ahead, told them who I was, what I had planned on doing, and they were fine with it. Also that i wasted and entire day, my friends entire day, and a tank of fuel on something that could have all been avoided, had the dealership had any idea of what they were talking about.

Apr 5, 2014

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