Dermapril SP/ResV / How To Get Your Money Back

1 Miami, FL, US

Here is my story and hopefully it will be helpful. I purchased the free samples of Dermapril (Rauscher Bekke) and Nutri Blvd (ResV) on 3-30-09. When I received two more of each product I thought they made a mistake and were sending me extra free sample bottles, not the case! I discovered three charges on my bank statement from each company on 6-01-09. After becoming completely irate, here is what I did:

Step 1: I called both companies to get a refund. Both were rude and unhelpful. After 3-4 conversations with both companies I finally got an RMA#, but was told I would only be refunded one of the bottles. These companies are obviously not professional or reputable.
Step 2: I called my bank to file a claim. I gave them a detailed history and was told to return the entire product and to include a letter to each company that I am requesting a full refund within 30 days. I was instructed to call back if I had not received a full refund within 30 days.
Step 3: I called the Florida Attorney General’s Office and filed a claim [protected]). Very helpful gentlemen there instructed me to call the Federal Trade Commission [protected]), which I called to file a claim. The FTC rep told me to call back if I did not get a full refund and was given a reference number. I was also instructed to call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services [protected] press prompt #4). The woman there was also very helpful and gave me this link to file a claim: I filed a detailed claim online and have received several letters stating that my claims were being investigated. The agencies were thankful that I had taken the time to report these problems, so I encourage everyone to do the same, that’s the only way we can stop these fraudulent companies from ripping off more people.

Step 4: I returned three Dermapril and three Nutri Blvd (ResV) bottles back in separate padded envelopes, each one was sent by certified mail at the post office. I wrote the RMA# on each envelope. (Nutri Blvd responded to one of the agencies stating that I never sent the product back, dated 7-16-09, which was a lie.)

Step 5: I followed up with my bank and told them that I had sent back the product via certified mail, but had only received $87.97 from Nutri Blvd on 7-16-09 and nothing from Dermapril. The gentleman on the phone proceeded to file the history report and about forty minutes later I was issued a full refund for both companies from my bank.

Step 6: Today I received three emails from Dermapril each stating that I would be issued a refund for each bottle. I believe this is because the Florida state agencies sent them a formal complaint on my behalf, which is now public record.
Step 7: I followed up with these agencies by mailing copies of my original email invoices, which do not state that I am enrolling in a monthly auto-shipment program. I also sent copies of the certified mail receipts for each bottle proving that the companies received the returned product.
PS` One of the Florida government agency reps told me that they have been getting a lot of complaints, so please do your duty and tell your story. Also, beware of posts who say they love the product and that you should read the terms and conditions, they are posted by the company.

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