Dermajuve LLC Peptide Complexonly wanted a sample

First of all, I did not order the product on line. When I ordered this product called derma juve peptidecomplex, from a number a friend gave me.and when I ordered the product I asked for the free sample, like they had advertised, for 4.99, they said ok, I tried the product but it made my face break out like a bad sun burn, I told them to not charge my debit card for any more shipments, with out my permission. but they did for 89. 50 I called them and ask, why did they lie to me about not charging me for an order I did not make, when the product was harming my face.All they could say was why didn`t I read their instructions.Ie did not have instructions, because I called them.on a home phone. I know for sure no company has the right to keep a debit card number on their file, with out permission from a customer.Ms. Anderson

Feb 10, 2015

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