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I used the Dermajuv products for a 30 day trial period, and was not satisified with the product or the company return policy. First off the process is 3-4 steps (4 if you use the eye-roller). After applying all these products and placing suncreen on top of them it just peeled off my face, no matter what oil-free sunsceen product I used. I ended up returning the products as I didn't see any difference in my skin texture, tone or dismished wrinkle response, at all, plus I couldn't wear sunscreen with these Dermajuv products.

Keep in mind the product is marketed as "best deal" by purchasing 3 treatment products and then you are encouraged to also buy an eye-roller or neck firming cream. I guess somewhere in the small print Dermajuv said it would will charge a $7.00 retsocking fee (some risk-free 30 day trial period) for each returned bottle, even though they were purchased as a set. Dermajuv will also take approximatley 90 days to charge back what you are owed upon return of there product. Dermajuv also refused to sign for receipt of product as well, which is not good business practice, plus who are they restocking a used product for? Are they reselling used product by mixing the returned products togethe?. Who knows, but I would save your $200.00 and spend it on Botox as this product does not work.


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  • Ca
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    I just saw this complaint and I'm very surprised. I buy the complete rejuvenation system once every month and a half or so. It works very well for me, obviously, since I keep getting it. I'm also an Esthetician, so I'd like to point out that No cream will work on 100% of the people. For the most part, it's what we call a 30% rule. I mean that 30% of the people who use ANY peptide based skin care like this, will get awesome results. 30% will get good results with time. 30% will get little to no results. It is not fair to say that a product "doesn't work". Rather, you should say that you fell into the unlucky 30% who gets no results from peptide based products like these. Luckily for me, I'm in the 30% who gets awesome results, so I couldn't be any happier with these products.

    Oh, and just FYI, almost all skin care companies online charge a "restock" fee of some kind.. usually like 15%. It's because so many people do the ole "order and return next day" scam and scoop out the products. It's their way of trying to cut down on that abusive behavior.

  • Th
      21st of Feb, 2014
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    Bought a "sample" of Dermajuv, paid the shipping and handling and unknowingly this was a "trial" not sample! Do not do this it will cost you a precious $75.00 and they will NOT refund your money. They will charge you every month and will charge you a "restocking" fee of $15.00. The product is foul and doesn't work! This is rip off company!!!

  • Mt
      15th of Apr, 2014
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    All I can say is that BEFORE you purchase this or any FREE OR TRIAL VERSION go to the teensy printing at the bottom of the page and read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. There you will see what you are really buying. I filled in an online survey that said they would offer me a choice of free gifts as a way to say thank you to me for doing the survey. Whooooah!!! don't go there, don't fill out the surveys and if you are tempted to do that read and understand ALL the TERMS.

    I thought I paid less than $5 S & H for a trial version of Dermajuv. What I actually paid was the $5 Plus more than $100 Canadian for that trial version because I did not send it back within 14 days (from the DATE OR ORDER, not the date of RECEIPT OF THE PRODUCT.)

    I have never done this before, accepted any free offers, and I will not do so again. As it is I ended up asking some consumer watchers to have a look at the Dermajuv site. It was our own Canadian CBC Marketplace Program. There are lots of other scams that really, really hurt people more than this does, but if enough of us let our consumer watchdogs know about these things... maybe someone will look at it. 'There is a 100% chance that no-one will look at it, if we don't take the shot." Wayne Gretzky

  • Do
      21st of Aug, 2014
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    On August 8, I too paid $5.00 shipping for a "FREE" 14 day trial of their 1 oz. Peptide cream. It arrived 8 days after I ordered. it. I marked the date on my calendar so that I would not forget to contact the company in time to cancel all future shipments and charges for this shipment. Today I got up and checked my e-mail and noticed I was overdrawn ($30.00 bank charge) . When I checked my account i saw that Dermajuve (which uses that name for their product because people will think it is part of the Juviderm product) and noticed that they had charged me $89.99. This in addition to the $5 I had already paid for which there were no credit given. I immediately called and was told me 14 day trial bean the day I ordered it and not when I received it on the 15th. How can a "FREE: 14 day trial begin when you don't even have the product to try for 8 days. And so the scam they run begins. She also told me that had I called the day before that I would have received the full amount refunded, That makes no sense because how would I know I would be charged before they actually charged me? Then I was offered a 35% refund. I was also told that if I accepted it I would not get any more of my money refunded. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 5 minutes. I told her before she put me on hold that I had to leave within the next ten minutes to take my son to work. She came back on the line and told me I would have to wait longer. I told her I could not. She then offered me her employee discount in addition to the 35% bring the amount refunded to $58.00 out of $95.00. She knew I couldn't wait so she credited my account and asked if she could help me further. I told her I still wanted a full refund. She said "no" that this was all I was ever going to receive..

    What kind of company plays with the 14 "trail" period so a customer doesn't get the 14 day trial they are offered. What kind of company offers a partial refund and not a full refund.? Especially if a customer is a day late? They should have to remind you of the date you have to cancel since all that would take is a simple addition to their computer program that would send out an e-mail the day or two before? What kind of company allows it's employees to offer their own employee discount to be added to the 35% refund? What kind of company makes it so you cannot speak to a supervisor? . What kind of company uses pressure to get you to accept a partial refund? Obviously not a good company. Any company that relies on these tactics to make money is running scams and is making more money that way than with legitimate sales.

    This should be against the law. I urge all of you who have had these problems to contact the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida and file a complaint as well as post on their Facebook page (and yours), post on, contact your credit card company and let them know of this type of practice and that they should not allow this to happen to their customers, and file a complaint with People Claim if you don't mind spending another $20.00. To me the $20.00 is worth it because if enough of us do all of these things the practices that this company uses will be outlawed and/or they will have to start giving full refunds. Fighting fire with fire and being the squeaky wheel are the only way to make this company stop using scam practices to sell their products. I am doing all. I truly hope that you are a woman who believes that only by posting and complaining will cause things to be changed, even outlawed maybe, so that this does not happen to other women. We are powerful enough to make them change in numbers!

    I used this page with copy and paste to post on all of the other pages which makes it so much more simple. You can too!!

  • Gi
      7th of Jan, 2015
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    Like the others, I was gullible and got scammed. I ordered the free sample, paid $4.95 shipping and then noticed a couple of weeks later that my checking acct had been charged an addition $89.95!!! Before I ordered the initial trial bottle I read and re-read the offer to see if there was any extra fees, anywhere that it might say you were signing up for an on-going shipment of supplies - - - no where was any of this printed. I called the company today, they told me the product I ordered was not the one listed as "free" - I ordered only what they had the $4.95 shipping fee for so not sure how they come up with that lie. After much discussion, ranting and raving they offered a 13% refund, then a 35% refund - then a 50% refund. I was continually telling them I wanted to talk with whoever was giving them authority to give refunds I wanted a total refund and I would return product... only after being persistent and informing that I would be filing a complaint against them concerning their fraudulent offer, did I finally get an address to return the product with the promise that if I DID return the product I would get a full-refund. I am so mad, both at them and at myself for being scammed like this.

  • Sc
      8th of Jan, 2015
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    I ordered Dermajuve "free sample" also.
    They keep charging me $94.00. A month even though I have tried to cancel multiple times. Now I can't find a tel# online. I have reported this awful company to my bank and to BBB.
    Any info on tel# for Dermajuve in Apollo, Fla.?

  • Ca
      3rd of Mar, 2015
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    I ordered a sample jar of the Dermajuve PeptideComplete and it was a free sample. Now I am being charged $90.00for a product that does not work and I did not authorize this withdrawl. I have no intention of using this product again. You don't supply any contact information. It sounds like a scam. I want this credited back to my bank.

    From a dissatisfied consumer.
    C. Davis of Cleveland, Ohio

  • My
      12th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    It happened to me too.I saw the ad about this cream that would eliminate my wrinkles.i dont have much just some wrinkles that started to be visible and I believed them that it would vanish once you started using this.To my dismay there was some irritation I noticed on my eyebrows and i stopped using it, and started using my Olay rigenerest again It got better after a 2 days so I used this product again Dermajuve.The lesions on my eyebrows started to appear again.So I stopped it completely.When I received my credit card statement I saw that they charged me $89.85.I called them immediately and demanded an explanation why I was charged when they have already taken the $4.99 for shipping.They did not tell me that I could return it but they told me that another Dermajuve was already sent to me, and that I would receive it a few days after.No Dermajuve came up to now so I called my credit card and told them that I am going to dispute this because I did not received it and that they were lying also when they told me that they mailed it already.I also demanded to speak to the supervisor but I waited for so long that I decided to just hang up and call again.Now my credit card sent me a letter that Dermajuve is demanding that my credit card would pay them again.I'm going to call BBB and report them.

  • Un
      14th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I ordered a trail and than shortly after I had $123.00 come out of my account. So ITS NOT A FREE TRAIL!!! I didn't notice any difference in my skin appearance as promised. Just another way to waste money on useless skin products.
    I would never recommend this product. When I called to ask why I was billed the person over the phone was very rude and unprofessional.

  • Ca
      19th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    Asked for a free sample, shipping charges only, my debit card was charged 94.80

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