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This site popped up while I was visiting a separate/different website. I clicked, investigated, and signed up for my 'free' sample. At no point during that session was there a box/window or anything that indicated the 'terms of agreement'. I understood I was paying for shipping and handling of a small, trial sample of the product, NOT that if I did not return the product within 14 days, I would be billed automatically for not only the sample, but for every month thereafter, in the full amount.

When I called to cancel and vehemently complain about this business process, I was offered numerous times to sign up for 10, 15, 50, and eventually 90% off. As well, they refused to credit me any money back because I signed up and 'knew' the terms and conditions - which I did NOT!!! The lady I complained to went so far as to threaten that if I reported the company, or filled out a complaint, that I would likely lose ALL my money PLUS be billed for another shipment!!! I eventually compromised with a $40.00 refund, and have reported this to my visa card company's customer service for them to dispute on my behalf.

Interestingly enough, during the same website session where I ordered the above product, I also ordered a trial sample of ResVPure, and have had the exact same experience with them. Again, I will be contacting my visa card company to dispute the charges and have contacted ResVPure, with similar results as above. There is nothing they can do, they will not issue a refund because I 'knew' the terms and conditions when I signed up for the trial. Once again, when this company's window popped up, and I signed up for the trial, there was no information given, no terms and conditions. Those are only available when you access the site directly from the internet, NOT when it pops up as an ad while you are visiting a separate site. VERY interesting don't you think?

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      Aug 05, 2009

    Got caught on the same scam...

    My wife doesn't recall the website where she signed up for their "free trial." Does anyone have a web address?? (I suspect these folks have their free trail offer on dozens, if not hundreds of websites.)

    I called our bank (Citibank) and they were well aware of these folks.
    Bad news is that the Citibank line is that the website fine print does say these outfits will be shipping products after the free trial and there is a notice of how to cancel before that begins. I am more than a little disappointed in Citibank.

    I helped to run an online dating site a few years ago. I can tell you that the banks were extremely quick to hit us with a chargeback (consumer gets their money back). And, if we had too high a chargeback percentage, we lost our ability to accept credit cards. (So, we were very willing to give anyone a refund.)


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