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useing name spelled like mine that is apart of a corporation for business and profit and defrauding me stealing my money property and refuse to return it by force when they know that the goverment only created papper not me so it cant deal with me as a natural human woman on the land of the high seas not the water they know this fighting them came to terms of knowing what to do now they will end up in a millions of dpollar law suit if they dont fix and return am involing those who are by lAW of the district of columbia to step in but i had to be herd before i got this far now media and many more in but they need to be shut down and held accounable for waste and abuse no one owes them nothing it is sad that this is going on the people are being deprived of freedom those who allow it they destroy evidence and have had illegal kidnapping of 2 of my children by hearsay without abuse evidence my kids cry to come home ripping a happy home they took them from school promised to give them back if i do what they say they lied then due to adoption they took money saying i owe child support to my child they stole that i had no rights to and now taking child support money on a closed case refig the case saying 2014 is the first case of support payments when the case opened 2004 and you can not say that am some fictional person in all caps on a peace of paper that is apart of a corporation i need something back because i am challenging them in a real court not the imposter court that dont count its fraud because the judge was to only hear the case and he was a forein judge wow violation his oath of office and workers without imunnity the case was nnull and void from jump they defraud and infringed upon my natural born god giving rights that are protected by the consitution they are not a legal collection agency you cant be to companys

Aug 17, 2015

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