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I was put in touch with this company after calling A 24 hr Locksmith. They quoted me 75 dollars for a new lock I was seeking for a personal safety threat/issue. I was told someone would call me at 5:30. I had no idea it would be from another company alltogether from A 24 hr Locksmith.

A man named Idan called and said he was there. He seemed very handsome, charming, and professional. We discussed the situtation and the different kinds of locks and he began to change the lock. AFTER he had finished he told me I owed him $275.18.

I was appaled and questioned the whole thing, as I was flabbergasted with the amount but felt i had NO OTHER CHOICE since the man had already done the job/work.

He made a copy of my cards ( I had to use TWO to cover the cost) and left. He also said to call him if I needed anything else.

I recently found 2 charges on my credit card he had copied for $85 and $75, both at gas stations in the Valley area of Los Angeles where he had said he resided.

I had to call my credit card company and file a claim and cancel my card.

I also called Dependable Locks Inc and the man named LESLIE was extremely short with me over the phone and said to fax in the copies of receipts and bank statements for review. When I called back this afternoon he was still rude to me and said the manager would not be back until MONDAY.

Is there anything I can do about this situation?

The irony is that I got the new lock for the purposes of feeling more safe in my home and now I feel even LESS safe, since the guy they sent to change my lock not only STOLE MY IDENTITY but also knows where I live.

I feel rather disgusted, scared, and vulnerable. Please help.

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      Sep 16, 2008
    Dependable Locks, Inc. - Locksmith Ripp Off
    Dependable Locks, Inc.
    Little Rock
    United States

    Warning...Do Not Use Dependable Locks, Inc. Little Rock, Arkansas

    This past Sunday I contacted this office in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I spoke with a very polite representative named Dante. I informed Dante that I lived 20 minutes outside of the metro area and wanted a quote before initiating a service call to my home which needed to be unlocked.

    Dante told me that the rate was: $39.00 for the service call and an additional $15.00 for the basic unlocking fee. However, he stated that if the lock was more troublesome, the technician may have to try additional unlocking techniques which would result in additional fees. Dante explained that these additional fees would be detailed by the technician BEFORE unlocking the door. I agreed to this and submitted an order.

    When the arab-american technician arrived, he never introduced himself nor said anything other than “which door?”. My husband quickly directed him to the door which he prompted unlocked without much hassle, turned back to his vehicle and wrote out an invoice for $149.00. This guy seemed totally aggrevated to be there to perform a service call. Zero personality or sympathy for our unfortunate situation.

    Before my husband realized what the charges meant he immediately called the debit card number to the 1-800 payment verification center and drove away... scribbled together a joke of an invoice and asked for a signature (Total time spent at my home was less than 10 minutes). Seemed way too "scam-like" to me. Obviously he had done this deal many times before.

    Today, I spoke with Ron in “customer service” about the price difference between the quote and the actual bill. Ron’s response was, “our technicians are able to charge a maximum of $110.00”. When I questioned him about Dante’s explanation of the fee basis, again he said: “our technicians are able to charge a maximum of $110.00”.

    I think it is DISGRACEFUL that anyone is doing business this way. Taking advantage of a consumer in distress is totally wrong!

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      Jul 23, 2009

    you can go to www.legallocksmiths, and file a complaint that will link to the Attorney General of your state. There are also other resources to learn how to discern a good locksmith.

    You dealt with a phone bank, not a locksmith. They sent out a person who splits whatever they can get out of you with the company, and the company promises them more work in that area.

    Further, they likely sent someone who is was here on a student visa, and forgot to go home.

    I would be very concerned about fuirther identity fraud issues.

    No background check, no license, no business license, no insurance.

    Why you hired them? Were they recommended by a friend, or did they quote lower than someone else ?

    IT is not your FAULT you got ripped off, but you did nto protect yourself by checking out this firm

    The warnings from others ripped off have been on CNBC, CNN, FOX, as well as affiliates nationwide.

    The web is LOADED with this issue, and there are warnings from BBB, US Federal Trade Commission.

    Definitely, get your locks rekeyed, ASAP.

    City Lock

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