[Resolved] Department of work and Pensions / did not receive product key with microsoft office suite 2013

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Contact information:
Phone: 01782 374304

I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions and my email address that I purchased the Microsoft Office suite 2013 was sylvia.[protected] I purchased this deal through my work for home use as is was an offer that was being made to employees. I paid by Visa on 25/3/13 to DRI*MICROSOFT H LUXEMBOURG. Everything was fine until yesterday when I had a corruption and I cannot load it again without the product key which I was never given. It will not accept my email address either and I have spent most of today trying to sort it out with McAfee security software through technical support ( at a cost of £129 for 12 months cover) and they are unable to sort it out without the product key which I was never given.

My home email address is sylvia.[protected] where you can reach me

  • Resolution statement

    The company were not involved direct the payment was made in good faith via a web address that I no longer have, to DRI Microsoft H Luxembourg LU. It was available on a download and I no longer work there, I did not realise this would be published like this in full view-can you remove my complaint please from the site

Aug 17, 2014

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