Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) / Job application methods are backwards and promotes nepotism

1 Cosmo city, South Africa
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I would like to raise this because its simple prove that our government or your department is an enemy of progress and actually works against objectives of trying to create jobs for all especially black people.

This line as stipulated in your website is unprogressive an only promotes nepotism by its own existence.

"Applications received via fax/email, will NOT be considered or accepted."

This simple means people out of Gauteng/ Pretoria have no chance in hell to get a job in your department unless otherwise you stipulate offices where people can drop off their CV or applications in their respective areas. It further says those whose relatives are currently working within your offices stand a better chance of having their CV submitted through their relatives.hence my assertion of promotion of nepotism.

The nationwide drive to give people free Wifi is fruitless in reducing the job unemployment rate if you stick to such policies which are in no doubt enemy of progress.

solution: discard this rigid method of Cv submission. allow people to send email via email and fax. By so doing you also playing part in going green. none usage of papers thereby preserving our nature by not cutting trees to make papers which is also your drive in the ecosystem space.

Play your part and allow people to use all methods and thereby reducing unemployment.


Jul 01, 2016

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