Department of State, Passport Services / Passport Renewal

1 IN, United States

I sent in a passport renewal application the beginning of June to the Department of State, Passport Services. The renewal was only submitted to change my name due to my recent marriage. I needed the passport updated for my scheduled honeymoon to France. On June 21st, the National Passport Agency withdrew the application renewal fee from my bank account. By the 18th of July, I had no passport so I called the National Passport Agency, checked my passport status online and sent and email. Not one of these option could provide any info other than that the application was in process. The phone operator assured me the agency was aware of my travel date of August 3rd. A few days later I called again, with no further assistance. The next day I put in a formal request to speak to the application agent. I was assured the agent would contact me and could not enquire again without allowing 72hrs for the agent to contact me. I was not contacted. I have called twice a day since and can get no further update nor get an agent to allow me to expedite the process (regadless of cost). On July 22nd, I get a letter in the mail stating that new passport photos need to be submitted to process the application. So for almost 5wks from the time my application was recieved, no one contacted me or reported an issue with the application! I got new pictures that night and overnighted them to the agency. I have since contacted them again with no further info or opportunity to expedite. I am again told a request will be submitted for the agent to contact me and that they are aware of my travel date. I am less that 7 business days from my date of travel and am lost. Even if they sent it next week, it would cost me an additional $72 on top of the $140 for the renewal and the $50 for new pictures and shipping. There is no one who can help, no one to file a formal complaint with and no option other than to cancel my honeymoon for a simple name change. I couldn't even cancel the name change and get my valid passport back as they had already destroyed it by punching holes through it.

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