Department of Rehabilitation / Counselor from hell

1 24012 Calle De La Plata 92653, Laguna Hills, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 9495987942

If you’re looking for verbal and emotion
abuse, humiliation, manipulation, and unethical behavior, the staff at the
Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) more than willing to help!
She'll humiliate and interrogate and trash you so why even bother keeping an
appointment with her or her staff. If you complaint the “staff” will claim you
were never there. Pam will string you along using weasel to make you think
there are services when there are none. She doesn’t care what your situation is
or even if you’re safe, she’ll just ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK This office engages
in GAY BASHING so if you aren't married at the time of your appointment they’ll
bully, humiliated, and attack you.

The staff at this office abuses AndroGel (testosterone) to give them that awful edge that will ruin your day and possibly even more.

Pam and the DOR aren't providing any services so why do they have to ask so
many questions??? Are they spying on Americans?

Remember, everyone who is homeless is a client of the DOR and they're still
homeless so why are wasting your time with the DOR? The job of the DOR is to
SCREW people, not help them because this is what the government pays them to

Remember the Tuskegee Experiment and watch out?

May 4, 2014

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