Denvil Crowe Esq. / Avoid this lawyer

1 United States

As a last resort to bad situation(s) a choice to file bankruptcy. was made. HIRED Denvil Crowe and his office. FEE PAID-$2, 000+_ few dollars: papers filed- found a job shortly afterward was working and making payments as court required to trustee. Was laid off was unable to make full payments made payments as best could be done. NEW Job; Check garnished and EMPLOYER did NOT send money to court trustee, letter written with explinations of what was garnished. bankrupty was dismissed No letter was ever acknowledged. Attmept to re- file supplied paper work FEE paid AGAIN( due to their SCREW-UP. This date. Went back to their office as per appointment that THEY MADE.. They do not have papers I supplied AGAIn. and they denied any knowledge of my being their client. While they were sitting there with their heads in their ###. It was stated: "you act like you don't know who the hell I am..THEN..Devin said "Oh we 're not gonna have all of this cursing in here I'm going to go get Mr. Crowe:: Again he is clueless. WAS treated like I had said the very most awful word that could ever exist. Every time a phone call is made to this office a new person answered HAVE had to deal with 4 different people over a 2 month time period. NOT one person in this office knows what the HELL is going on..THEY ARE EXTREMELY QUICK to collect your money; but ### with communication, file maintenance and proper custody of legal documents. 2 years of tax returns will have to be re-ASSEMBLED!! This office grosses millions of dollars, advertises, and then treats the very clients who pay them, like lepers and will probably never assign responsibility to anyone in their office they are in their own eyes infallible-- NOT!


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