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I needed 4 replacement crowns in my upper smile line - they installed new crowns that were at least 6 shades lighter than my natural front teeth! Their solution? "Let us ALSO crown your front teeth too and we'll match them perfectly with the crowns we just installed" ?! Why would I want my front teeth crowned if they didn't need it? They did agree their crowns looked bad and said they would try again, at their expense... the result after a second round of temps and delays/loads more appointments? 2nd set looked exactly the same as the 1st set, except one now sticks out past my front tooth!! The solution this time? "whiten whiten and whiten more the natural front/back teeth to try to get them up to the colour of the new crowns, and put up with the slightly crooked one!!" I had expressly said I didn't want to whiten as my teeth are pretty light anyway, but I had to as a result of the botched 2nd set ... result? My natural teeth are a very different 'white' to the crowns and still don't match the 'whiter than white' of the crowns. Despite the Dentiq techs agreeing it looks odd/uneven, Dr. Johnson refused to do any other work unless I pay for it.. I questioned why should I pay for something AGAIN when it wasn't done properly not just once, but twice, and what guarantee is there on a 3rd attempt?!?! There was no guarantee given. It was "do it this way or go away". I opted for the latter!
I will NEVER go here again and am seeking service from another dentist to REPLACE the terrible crowns installed by Dentiq (coincidentally an ex dentiq dentist who didn't agree with how they treated their customers!)
I am upset that I ended up with a smile that is much worse than when I went in, with completely fake looking white teeth in each side of my front teeth - NOT nice let me tell you.
Suggest if you're getting any work done, and BEFORE treatment, ask them for a WRITTEN guarantee they'll undertake to replace/fix/resolve any issue or dissatisfaction until you're happy with the end result (they promised me the same thing, 100% satisfaction, but then argued they'd done all they could do after 2nd attempt and didn't honour their promises to deliver a quality product, that "trust us, will be better than before").
Other issues are:
1. They keep you waiting, sometimes for 1 hour past your appointment time before taking you back. Of my multiple appoints, I had 3 scheduled for an hour, but still there 8 HOURS LATER! Even then, was sent home without having completed all work scheduled.
2. Comms: Dental techs ask your concerns/wants etc, which they supposedly relay directly to Dr J, but who doesn't discuss with u herself when she arrives, leading to miscomms&misunderstandings as a restult of bad relay of info.
3. When work does start on your mouth, common for Dr J to LEAVE midway to attend other patients! Leaving you sitting for extended periods of time before returning to resume work on your mouth. This happened a lot, with no apparent regard for my time, other commitments, & appointment times running way over expectations. They overbook beyond capacity, knowing they don't have enough staff/dentists to cope-that wont change!
3. My labwork was done in California (not onsite as advertised), and when it did arrive, there were 2 instances where Dr J unhappy with it (post install) so removed and sent back! (= more wasted time on my part. Why not check before I arrived?!).
They call themselves the smile experts, but my smile is just awful now, worse than it was when I went in. Terrible experience. :(

Dentiq Dentistry
Dentiq Dentistry

Mar 1, 2014

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