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My dog died on 070214. I received dental work mid June. I received a bill 2 weeks after my dental work. The collector called and stated that I had a bill. I was shocked because I thought the billing would start 30 days after my dental work was completed as it was not really completed. Then the person on the phone asked me why I could not pay the bill I told him that my dog died and prior to his death I took him to 3 vets and that completely drained my finances. He told me that If I set up an automatic withdrawal for the next payment I would not received a late billing fee (which is $25.00 - outrageous). Then when I received my bill and it had a 25.00 late fee on it I immediately called and ask that they remove it. Then the gentlemen proceeded to try and strike a bargain to remove it. I told him to let me speak with a supervisor and he hung up. I called back and asked for a supervisor the next gentlemen listened and then hung up in my face. I called a third time asked to speak with a supervisor after this gentleman stated that I can take it off if you pay the entire bill. I told him that I cannot and asked why they were not honoring their statement to not charge me a late fee in the first place. I told him that I felt as if I was being hustled. He told me no one's here and if you don't make this payment you will continue to accrue late fees plus interest. I told him I wanted to pay my bill but I can only pay it when I have the money to pay it. He started arguing with me I told him that you are asking me to honor my commitment so why can I not ask you to honor your word? He argued so I hung up went on line and made a partial payment. I vowed never to deal with these rude, lying, degusting people again. You can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar .. Where are these people from.. I have never seen such unprofessionalism in my life!!! I hate it that I have do business with this company.. they seem like a bunch of blood thirsty sharks.

Aug 18, 2014

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