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We took our daughter to these folks a few weeks ago. She is 5 years old and had no complaints of any kind. She was just in for a cleaning and exam. When she was done, the dentist told us she had five (5) cavities which required attention. We were handed a treatment plan which was over two thousand dollars($2, 000.00). I was a dental technician in the US Navy and when I took a look (as I had before), there were no problems that I could see (but I am NOT a Dentist). We took our daughter to another local family dentist and after his checkup she was declared to be cavity free and in good shape!!! I shared the results of the DHG dentist and he simply shook his head in disbelief!. Buyer beware. Check these folks out on the BBB (letter grade of "F") and they are a proud member! One more thing, the x-rays taken by DHG were also negative for carries (cavities).


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      Sep 01, 2009

    This happened to me as well! My children were also just getting a cleaning and exam and I was given a list of items that totaled about $1, 000.

    I had my teeth cleaned and checked about a year ago and the doctor told me I had 2 cavities - I never did anything about it and a year later on my next check up I was cavity free! amazing huh?

    Not a good place - They are the rudest front desk I have ever met - they will make you wait forever!!! In the lobby and on the phone (record of 32 min one time)


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      Oct 30, 2010

    Dental Health Group, Pa
    2905 SW 160th Avenue
    Miramar, FL 33027

    I am totally disappointed in general with the services and the way it seems you are trying to get more and more money from me instead of looking out for the patient’s well-being. I’ve been a patient of yours for at least the past 2 years. In these years I have seen 3 different doctors at your location, and not by choice. Dr Sahi went on maternity leave; Dr Helena moved to another location. Each time I have had a new doctor, new procedures were done that the previous doctor did not recommend. The last time I asked my latest doctor Dr. Rodriguez, why was it that every time I see a new doctor it seems that new issues arise that the previous doctor had missed. Her answer was that every doctor has a different opinion. That was not the answer I was expecting. So what she is telling me is that an X-ray will be interpreted differently by each doctor? I don’t buy that. I had a complaint with Dr. Helena about my last crown that she performed which was not done properly; I felt a ledge or space in between the crown and the gum. So I went back, and she explained that it was a ledge, but it should not be a problem and the X-ray showed it to be fine. Later on with Dr. Rodriguez I told her about this and she agreed that it was not correct. She offered to fix it for free as long as the neighboring teeth also get new crowns, for which I would be billed for of course. I was not in any financial condition to spend more money. But she was very insistent that I needed to do these 2 crowns now. I believe if you review the first time I went to your office, the X rays are no different than they are today for these old crowns. Dr. Sahi didn’t mention any problems with these crowns; Dr. Helena was aware, but told me that it was not an immediate thing, and probably I could wait a few years to replace them; now my latest Doctor is insisting that I must replace these crowns. Besides all this and the amount of money that I have spent, it has been recommended that I get teeth cleanings every 3-4 months that I've being doing for at least the past 2 years at your office.
    I always inquire for a quote before any procedure is done to ensure that I can afford it. Yet, I continue to receive bills after these procedures and have not questioned them until now. I was there this past July and I had to pay an outstanding balance. I was assured that there was nothing further outstanding and yet again I have just received another bill for $179 this past week. When I called over the phone to further inquire on it, I was told that this was a claim from early last year that the insurance didn’t pay. I am most frustrated and upset by this! How is it that I get a bill for an unpaid claim almost 18 months later???? Especially when I had paid my balance off this past July and it was confirmed by your office that this is the only amount outstanding.

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