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Customer service is horrible. Their representatives are lazy and incompetent. If you have a complaint you get no where. My advice don't call around lunch time because they are so worried about what they are going to have for lunch. One rep forgot she took me off the mute button and started talking about strawberry shortcake. The next thing I know I was disconnected. Tried to call back was put on hold, disconnected, given numbers to call the Dept myself instead of being transferred, and was told someone would call me back. When someone did it was late in the evening when I was in noposition to discuss the matter. At this point I still have not resolved the issue. Think twice before you sign up.

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      Sep 03, 2009

    I have been unemployed since November of 2008. I have a single mom and on a really tight budget. My payments to went up where they weren't suppose to be. 2 years ago they worked with me and lowered my payments before I was laid off, it still proved to be horrible. The Mikhail call me July 31st made arrangements for me to pay $125 at the time and lower my payments to $52 a month. At the time I had no choice even though I had a family member on hospice and dies 2 days later. Now when I came time for me to pay the $52 a month they don't want that. They say it was a miscommunication, even though I wrote down everything that was said. My suggestion, is if you have a conversation with them, record it. This way you have evidence of their faulty practices. I am in the process of contacting an attorney on this because of their misleading practices.

    Betty Sauser
    San Diego

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