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Delta Montrose Bank of Colorado / Violation of federal banking laws and privacy

1 United States

My mom bought property and was misled on every aspect of the loan. the management in this bank in Delta colorado has divulged private personal and business information to friends neighbors and anyone who would listen obviously. They made remarks about my moms mental health and admitted taking advantage of her condition. She had been preparing for several major surguries and was on serious medication. They were told that my daughter and I had power of attorney and they were to direct their business issues to us. they ignored those instructions and are taking my mothers property. She is 76 yrs old and is in acute rehab for knee replacement surgery. She is no longer on the meds she was taking and is as sharp as ever. But Delta Bank and their cohorts Bray Realtors and other parties over the course of the dealings with these people in my opinion are guilty of federal banking laws including usery. And I won't be walking away and simply letting them destroy my mothers reputation and financial well being without a fight. Thank goodness for the Board of Federal governors of the Federal reserve system. They will investigate all complaints and even if nothing comes of it a formal complaint will have been filed . Also many state agencies are going to receive complaints. however It is probably fact that justice for my elderly mother is going to take a lawyer. We don't have much money but every dime that I and my family can muster up is going to go toward making these bankers who believe they are above the law accountable. If you have a horror story about Delta Montrose Bank And can back up what you say please feel free to e-mail me

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