Delsym.comCough suppressant is a POISON

I used DELSYM cough suppressant last night for the first time and used it exactly the way the label on the bottle instructs.

I took it before going to sleep, hoping to be relieved from a cough that has bothered me for several days.

I am not a smoker and am not suffering from any chronic illness.

I am 72 years old, therefore I used 2 teaspoons of the brew.

I now think that this is a POISON because it is keeping me awake all night with an UNINTERRUPTED urge of coughing without the ability to cough. If you try this, you will agree that this is literally torture. So you think you could alleviate it by taking more of that junk, but the label instructs that you have to wait 12 hours. Very few people are probably willing and able to suffer the torture of having this urge to cough without being able to cough, and they will take another dose hoping to alleviate the nasty uninterrupted urge, that creates an addictive condition.

I did not take a second dose because I recognized the artificial quality of this uninterrupted urge that is obviously not addressed in the engineering of the drug, while the coughing is almost paralyzed and made totally ineffective.

I have sent this information to the drug company that makes DELSYM and urged the FDA to research this dangerous product and to take it off the market, since I believe that it may cause considerable damage to the elderly and to children alike.

The frustration of not being able to cough while having this uninterrupted urge and itch in the depth of my throat is nasty to say the least, the heart is involved as well in this useless effort and many elderly may not be able to go through that, not to mention little children. I am deeply concerned about this over the counter drug that promises 12 hours of relief and does not even deliver 5 minutes of rest.

I took this highly addictive drug at 9:00PM and it's 4:00 AM so I probably have 5 more hours of torture to go through without being able to sleep due to this constant relentless itch in my throat. I wish I kept my cough and coughing ability.

My opinion of this drug is that it is created by a criminal mind engineered to keep the urge intact while paralyzing the natural ability of the patient to relieve him/'herself, that creates an addictive condition that shifts the responsibility on the patient since the label advises to take it only every 12 hours. In the mean time the patient goes through 12 hours of torture or takes more of that poison and I don't know what he will have to go through then. Help him God! But the company's lawyers will insist that the label was instructing to use it only every 12 hours.

This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This product needs to be taken off the market! It is a poison, not a medicine!

People are getting poisoned here, and then they wonder why 47 million Americans don't want to have health insurance! It's not just the affordability it's that the drug companies cannot be trusted!

I am very worried for all the poor old people who will spend their money to buy this poison and then go through what I am going through right now. The effort I am going through right at this moment to relieve the itch and urge in my throat is unbelievable. I am in a bath of sweat but nothing gets accomplished because half of my throat is like paralyzed and that is where the itch and urge come from. I just pray to God that this will be over in 31/2 hours at 9:00 AM, 12 hours after I took the 2 teaspoons of DELSYM.


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