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My wife signed with Delray CC after being told our payment would be $1250 a month (roughly what we were paying at the time). After our initial deposit the rate went up to $1335. We balked but accepted. A month later it went up to $1511. Again we were a bit shocked, but saw the payments being made to our creditors and looked at it as a faster resolution to our debt.

While paying more than most mortgage's each month to Delray we managed to pay off 3 of our cards on our own and Delray routed the remainder of the $1511 to the LOWEST INTEREST ACCOUNT. Upset but excited at the rate we were moving we again accepted.

This morning my wife called all of our creditors, negotiated our own interest rates (lower than what Delray negotiated) and found out from Capital One that Delray sent in a negotiated rate request of 14% on my wife's card. The rate was at 10% when they sent the request! They actually caused an INCREASE in our rate over the last two years.

On calling Delray to cancel the DMP after making her own considerable arrangements, she was told that we would not receive our deposit back and it is forfeit.

No Delray! You do not call it a deposit, tell us that we can choose to get it back or apply it to our last payment, raise our monthly rates, raise ourinterest rates, and then keep our money "deposit'.

This post is step one.

Step two is an honest attempt to get Delray to see the error of this practice on Monday when they open.

Step three is a BBB call on deceptive and misleading business practices.

Step four is a call to the Florida and Washington state AG's office to have your contracts and policies reviewed.

Step five is using all of my resources to distribute knowledge to the people and limit your pool of fish.

I hope everyone who reads this can see the legitimacy of my statements and can walk away knowing that Delray is not a company that you want to do business with.

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  • Ry
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    Delray Credit Counselors - Deceptive practices
    Delray Credit Counselors
    United States

    When I signed up with Delray, the associate guided me to the webpage where participants complete their digital signature. It is only on that page that you can view the contract by clicking a link. I asked if I could take a few minutes to read it. She explained that I could read it later and that it only restated what she had already explained. It was an awkward moment where I got the feeling she didn't want to wait around for me to do so. She was friendly and seemed trustworthy, so I signed up. I was unable to access the contract from their website. I eventually received it when I had an associate send it by email 2 months later.

    What I was not informed of in the initial sign up call was that they withhold your deposit if you violate your contract. I unwittingly violated my contract when I paid off my debt in a lump sum. When I called Delray to tie up loose ends I was informed that I had violated my contract. When I explained my side, he became unprofessional, threatening and insulting. I discovered later that its not uncommon for their employees to become unprofessional when calling to complain. Even one of their managers, Rachel Sherman, hung up on me when I was trying to make my case for a deposit refund. She refused to complete a review of my case. When I told her about my experience signing up, she said that their employees do not push you to sign up without reviewing the contract. Knowing that they record all of their calls, I asked her if she would listen to the phone call. She relunctantly said she would. I asked if she would refund the money if the call revealed I was hurried through the process and she said no.

    The other problem I have is that they never contacted me about funds owed to me. After paying off my accounts, they continued to withdraw funds from my checking for two months. I had money sitting in their accounts and it took me calling them to have them refund it. And Rachel Sherman seemed to think she was doing me a favor by refunding the money.

    The bottom line: They may be non profit, but they make a lot of money entrapping participants by not giving them all the information needed to make sound financial decisions. Participating with them has hurt me more than helped. The one thing they did do that was nice was lower my monthly fee from $40 to $19. But they still got me in the end. (Yes, its my responsibility to read the contract. I'm the first to admit it. But when Rachel Sherman said that, it's as if she's admitting her associates don't give you the information you need.)

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