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Dell Financial Services / lost my free financing

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Recently, my tell financial bill informed me that I had lost my free financing which was supposed to be on until 6/08 but had been terminated as of 12/07. They say it's due to late bills (one in November I HAD paid but due to all they're outsourcing they were unable to communicate with collections-I answered call to collect for 4 weeks). Now, my interest rate is 28.45% and they started it at the beginning of the loan. Currently, I owe more than I originally paid for the lap top. I contacted them by phone, unable to get anyone in Austin-only outsourced Indian employees-who informed me I had to write in order to contact anyone higher up then she. I have sent a letter, including signed receipt required and tracking ability. Is there anything I can do-I'm a single mother trying to get a college degree???

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  • T
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    Dell is doing the same thing to me. It would be good to check out the FTC fair debt collection act

    Section 806 subsection 5
    Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person
    in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously
    with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the
    called number.

    If the above happins file a complaint with the FTC and Attorney General.

  • Jo
      27th of May, 2008
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    I would like to know how Dell gets away with charging such high Interest . When their computers cost are higher than other computers. They are not worth the money they charge. I want to know how to report them to get the interest lower. 29% is outrages. I have called them and they could care less. The only solution I have is to go to either a company which will make a settlement with them or to a credit counsel and have the interest lowered.

  • Ja
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    I have owned a dell computer, of which i have been financing through dell financial services, since 2017. The original cost of the computer was about $699. My interest rate is around 29% and i pay a minimum of $65 a month. After 5 years of paying this same minimum payment, my account balance is over $1600 and i probably paid over 5 times the amount i paid for the computer already. I usually pay on time, but boy if you try to pay online one day before the bill is due, they wont process it for like 5 days. So, i then get tagged with a hige late fee. Dell wont do a thing about it. I have written letters and called them up, asking to either lower my interest rate or let me pay off the rest with 0%, and they pretty much turn the other cheek. Its a joke.

  • Re
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I will encourage our company not to do business with Dell any longer. I am a fiscal adminstrator and find that Dell's practices are very unethical in as far as getting help in the USA. All of their customer service reps are in India. A check that was mailed in April was lost in the mail it never ran through our bank account. I did not know that until after I made 4 calls and spoke to different people in India, which took one hour of my time and more. In the meantime we have been charged financial charge after finance charge. A rep from India calls every two days, which I feel is harassment. The reps from India are limited in the English language and it is like talking to a recording almost as they repeat the same thing over and over again "this conversation is recorded, etc, etc." but no one can help as far as having access to Invoice Numbers in order to get descrepancies corrected.

    To find out that one of the checks did get lost int he mail should not take one hour plus. I was able to get someone in the states on the phone and I was able to make a phone payment. However getting the right personal to helpme took 45 minutes.

  • Ni
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    I have used Dell in the past for personal use and my company set up a Dell Preffered account to buy new techonology. With that said I will NEVER use them again. I would rather pull out my teeth than deal with any of their customer service agents. As the technology buyer of my company I will be taking my technology needs elsewhere. Regardless if I made the mistake or they did they are impossible to work with. I do not recommend them to anyone unless you want a headache.

  • Bi
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    Dell Financial Services - poor customer service
    United States

    Wow, I noticed there was a lot of complaints about DFS, and I should of read them before opening an account.

    Well, I opened a DFS Preferred account in November 2017. With this account I purchased a laptop for my wife's Christmas gift and a Sony DSLR for my personal gift. I never received a bill until January. My total on the account was almost $1300. I paid the account off in full in the first week of Feb. 2017.

    We were out of town on the second week of Feb. and we have received at least 20 calls per day on our answering machine from DFS - all automated calls seeking to collect on a debt. Talk about harassment!!! On top of it, the account was paid off! So, that day we came back home, the phone rang. I answered it and it was some idiot from Inda calling on behalf of DFS. I advised him that the account has been paid in full over a week ago, and I did not appreciate the harrassment, and the SOB hung up on me!!!

    At this point, I emailed Dell's customer service to file a complaint. 48 hours later, I get an email from a character named Romeo pretty much saying that I was late on my payment (I was not!), thus the calls. No apology was offered, and that SOB pretty much justified the jerk's behavior on the phone. I was FUMING at this point, and I started an executive complaint -- this was a mistake.

    I sent an email to both [protected] and [protected], and instead of receiving a response from the Almighty himself, I get an email from an outsourced team that handles executive complaints (damn Dell, do you do anything for yourselves??). Some screwed up name that I can't pronounce, but she called herself Cathy. Next day, she calls me on the phone and we talk. The conversation felt genuine, and during the conversation I asked her "So, what is Dell going to do to mend relationships with me? Getting extremely poor customer service twice, I took that as a personal insult!" Then the conversation went sour. "Sir, your account was flagged as a late payment." At this time I blew up.

    "No, it was not late! In fact, I paid it off in FULL!" Then she started to go off about DFS policies, etc. I had to remind her 3 times that this does not give DFS the right to treat their customers the way they treated me. She then finally said "Well, this whole incident was your fault, and Dell will not compensate you for your frustrations." Then she had the balls to email me a followup.

    Well, I responded to that email and courtesy copied several other executives, including the president over North America and the company's CMO, and attached read receipts to the email as well. Never got one from her, but I did get some attention from the executives. 72 hours later, I get an email from Cathy saying that she can issue me a $75 coupon for my next purchase. I'm tired of arguing because my frustrations were worth WAY more than $75 (I demanded a 40%-50% off of my next purchase, or a substantial amount of credit). I felt that my frustrations were worth $75 TIMES the amount of times I was slapped in the face, but I was tired of aruging and accepted it.

    I am going to close my DFS account and start making purchases on my trusty bank VISA. At least I know that the person I will deal with is local, and not in India. The only way that Dell is going to learn from this is either by bankrupting Dell, or forcing business to come back to the states by letting Pakistan and India go to war and obliterate each other.

    Michael Dell is truly a coward, but a typical American businessman. No wonder why this country is in trouble financially.

  • Ca
      21st of May, 2009
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    1 - Please take your time to read more about ID theft in USA. 2- United States citizen should read ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE applying for an acct.
    3- Your are talking about "trouble financially" . Companies are looking for a way to pay less to their employees without outsoucing their businesses this cant happen.
    4-Most of the people that have thick accent is because they do speak more languages...HOW MANY LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK?
    5- Take your time to review a World MAP not all countries are call INDIA only one does.
    6- Open your mind there are so many beautiful things outside USA...CENTRAL AMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA exist...and bad news for you THEY ARE ALSO AMERICANS...

  • Co
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    Dell Financial Services - customer service
    Dell Financial Services
    United States

    We purchased two Dell desktops in Dec '08 on the 9-month no interest program. We made payments faithfully each month repaying the entire balance by the end of June '09. However, they screwed up the account and kept charging intereset. We called the customer service line multiple times. Each time they assured us that the account had been corrected. Eventually, they did get it set to 9 month no interest - on the same statement that noted the final payment received. Yet there was still an outstanding balance of $25. Then they started with the automated calls to remind us. When we talked to them again, they forwarded it to the disputes department. They now say that the amount is still due. When I called the final time, I talked to a "Rick Smith" (with an Indian accent). He then transfered me to "Jeff Smith" (also with an Indian accent). Neither of these people could look up the notes made on my account on previous calls (the "dispute" department cannot look at the details like "customer service" can). I asked if I could call back to the customer service number. He said I could try. Now I know what he meant. If I try to call from my home phone, the automated system pretends to connect me to a customer service person but then hangs up. If I call from a different phone, I can get to a live person but as soon as I identify myself by account number they hang up. What a crock!

  • An
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    They'll do absolutely anything to make a buck or save a buck. They hired, for security at their plants, the same company that was in charge of airline screening where the 9/11 hijackers got on their flights.

  • Er
      7th of Nov, 2011
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    Dell Financial Services - don't assume they're not ripping you off
    Dell Financial Services
    United States

    I recently purchased two items from Dell online, a DLP projector and a XPS laptop. The purchases were made separately, but both appeared at the same time on my Dell bill that was mailed to me. The laptop had a no interest for 12 months promotion, whereas I'd would not have to pay interest at all if I paid it off completely before the promotional expiration date. A minimum monthly payment still would apply for the laptop. The projector had no such promotion and would require immediate payment in full to avoid a finance charge.

    My plan was to pay the full balance that was due on the projector and to pay the minimum required payment towards the laptop. My worry was that they'd credit the payment towards the laptop first, then what was leftover towards the projector. After reading a note under the Finance Charge Summary section of the bill, I was sure all would go fine. It stated' PAYMENTS ARE APPLIED FIRST TO MINIMUM REQUIRED PAYMENTS WITH EXCESS TO CREDIT PLANS IN ORDER OF PROMOTION EXPIRATION DATE.

    There actually is a column that lists the Promotional Expiration Dates of the different plan types. The projector (REGULAR LOAN) was not a promotion and it did not have an entry in the PED column. The laptop had a date approximately 12 months out. In my logical-thinking mind, I assumed that after both minimum payments were credited, the rest of my payment would go towards the projector and it would be fully paid for.

    I scheduled an electronic payment and it was credited to my account. Unfortunately, my worst fears were realized, the excess payment was credited to the laptop, THE ACCOUNT WITH 12 MOS NO INT. Needless to say, I was fuming. I immediately got on the phone to India to straighten it out. I was assured that it would be resolved and my payment re-credited to the correct plans.

    What really upsets me is how incompetent companies can be. Do they pull these kind of stunts on purpose? I'm starting to think so. With the order in which they credited the plans on this last bill, I would've had to COMPLETELY PAY OFF BOTH PLANS to avoid a finance charge. So much for 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST.

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