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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL (NERUL) / Depriving bus service to a primary school student.

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My Son Rishabh Thakur is studying in Class III - B in DPS Nerul and has been travelling by DPS school bus for the past 3 years from our stop at spaghetti, but now the DPS has told my Son to board the bus which is 800 meters far from the original bus stop from today. To our dismay the DPS bus came to our stop in the morning and picked my son. but called my wife in the afternoon and told her to pick my son from a stop which is 1.5 km far away from our regular stop. I think people Talk big about DPS only to see these irregularities happening creating harassment for the parents.
When i asked the DPS transport incharge Monica Mam for the reason for the sudden changes, whether problem was with bus fees or time constraint, they were not able to give any answer, instead kept saying that the bus cannot come to your regular stop to pick you child. The problem could only be either of above two and could be solvable. But She didnt answer.
I feel inspite of paying such huge fees in DPS, the parents are harrassed like this. Could DPS management take up this issue seriously and solve our issue of stopping the bus at our stop so that we can live peacefully.

Ratan Thakur
Navi Mumbai

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  • Sa
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    Dear Mr Ratan Thakur.
    I sympathize with your concern. It is serious when the child is a 3rd standard student.
    DPS Management of Nerul I cannot comment much.

    But you will be surprised to learn that DPS Bopal, Ahmedabad has dumped my 6 year old child on dense traffic road unattended. I had lost my son, only God could have saved him that day. Thankfully HE did. DPS school bus on 17th September 2008 did not stop at its regular stop and they let my 6 year old son down on the road UNATTENDED. My wife was waiting before time at regular stop. By the time my wife reaches the new spot, my son in shock, fear and disbelief started to find his mother. He was all alone without the help of the bus driver, conductor and two teachers who all are responsible to HANDOVER the kids to their parents or guardians.

    I strongly feel that we parents have to take up these issues very strongly with the management. In my case I have started taking legal opinion and started a campaign on blogs. I feel if things have to change for good then let it be today and let is start with me. I wish to have your support and encouragement.

    And I will be happy to be of any help to you for your cause.

    You and your friends may contact me on my email id is and do visit the blog
    Regards. Sanjay Khanna

  • Aw
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    these mother###in ### are taking us for granted.
    by the way this mokashi got married to the black prostitute.

  • Ar
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    DPS does not conduct parent teacher meet through out the whole year so that parents can not meet each other and discuss the problem faced by them. About three years back they had conducted in Baroda and there were so many problems raised by the parents that the school stopped conducting the meet. It is operating in the most undemocratic way without the participation of parents from whom such huge amount of fees is being taken which is given with trust that good education is being given. But now again they are to raise the fees in this recessionary times when pays are going down or lots of people are losing jobs. Also inflation is all time low which defies the logic of fees increase alomost by 50%. We have to come together and protest this as we the educated people if we keep quiet it would be disgraceful to be part of this loot. There is no proper attention for the sports for the children unless the child himself goes for it. Sports in children is not encouraged, no proper equipments are given so that students are encouraged to play. Many periods are free but they just give heads down on the table. hope we can form a proper platform to address these issues.

  • So
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    please suggest some good points also.. i am confused about DAV and DPS in Nerul, Navi Mumbai..Can some body help me on

  • Ar
      28th of Oct, 2009
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  • Pa
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    i don't know if this would be helpful, but am putting in my bit. DPS, Nerul - my children have been there for two years now. The quality of teaching seems to be good. We were in Ryan, Goregaon before and there, it was horrible. So, I can feel a real difference in teaching. But, it is also true the Delhi Public School takes the students for granted. They get good students, therefore, they do not bother to highlight the achievements of students. My son has been doing consistently well in olympiads etc, but they never bother to congratulate or encourage the child. This is v bad. Also, there are no extra curricular activities for children. In the two years we have been here, my children (and many others like them) have never had a single opportunity to appear and present anything on stage. The same children get selected time after time, year after year.
    Hope this helps.

  • Pr
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    Seeing all the above types of complains and the manner in which the complains are handled in DPS, it is really sad.
    My Son is studing in DPS, Nerul and recently there was this Bus Accident, I could not contact the school on phone and had to rush to school to find the exact situation.
    It is really sad that a School of such repute does not check on any documents or certificates of the Buses the contractors are using. The Bus conditino is really pathetic and some times there are no teachers acompanying the students (Primary) in the Bus.
    The school should check all the papers and fitness certificate of the buses, before it is deployed for school children transportation.
    Another situation which has been already pointed out is absence of any combines Teacher parent meeting. It is always class wise and never a combined one.
    I think it is time for every one to come together to voice their concerns and solve the common issues.


  • Ri
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    I totally agree to the point that being such a reputed school atleast they should have a check on the documents realted to transport, mainly the Fitness certificate.
    I also support the point that the the children, specially the primary and the primary should be accompanied with a teacher who is responsible for the children in the bus both to and fro. The pre-primary bus from Kharghar, which carries Pre nursery, nursery and also Prep students doesnt have a teacher at all in the morning. The children getting in from the first stop are already sleeping till it reaches the last stop. God help if the bus rides on a bumpy speed breaker or applies sudden brakes or if the child is sitting on the edge, who is going to help them out.
    For Kharghar- I know it myself that there are 4 teachers that travel in Secondary bus, where there are no teachers required, Primary bus has two teachers travelling in a mini bus, whereas the big bus for pre-primary children does not have any teacher as they are the youngest.
    The Infant Incharge had assured that there would be one teacher from this week, but the entire week has passed and still they are assuring that from next week onwards the teacher will be present. Really dont understand when that week will come.
    Also the teacher is not able to handle 25-30 kids in the class because my son was looking out of the window yesterday in the class and was injured on his forehead as the got himself hurt with the window. The teacher has to take care of the children and she has to be responsible for the kids in her class.

  • An
      18th of Apr, 2011
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    I too totally agree with the fact that a school with reputation should pay more attention to their behaviour towards the parents. my child studies in nursery, dps, nerul . One day while her class was dismissed she was mistakenly boarded into a school bus that goes to chembur, while actually my child comes by private van and stays in seawoods. By God's grace she reached home safely after nearly 1 and half hour from her usual time. When i called the school for an explanation, they apologised and asked me to speak to one ms. juveria nusrat who was the transport incharge for pre primary. I did not get her on phone, i went to meet her at school and was really shocked by her overwhelmingly rude behaviour. Being a teacher she has no basic manners as to how she has to speak to a person.
    I decided she is not worth speaking to and spoke to the infant school incharge who seemed to be a nice lady and assured me of no such untoward incidents again. I m definitely disappointed because of what the school had done, but more so extremely taken aback because of ms. juveria's disgusting behaviour and attitude. i just hope she does not continue as the incharge anymore, as she does not deserve such responsiblities.

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