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After months of research, I finally settled on a digital camera that I wanted and Delta Closeouts had the best price I could find. I placed my order with them on a Sunday. I got an email from one of their employees, asking me to call them regarding my order. I call them and they needed my 3 digits code from my credit card, so I gave it to them. He said that I didn't select a battery with my camera when I placed the order, and gave me options for which battery I wanted. I thought this was odd because every other place I looked for this camera, the battery and charger were included. But it was still a good deal, so I told him to add the battery. An hour later, I checked my bank account and the authorization was much higher than the cost of the camera, and the price I was quoted for the battery. So I called customer service and spoke to the same person again. When I told them what I saw, he said the additional charge was for the battery charger. I said that I didn't recall him saying anything about a battery charger and that I didn't OK that. He immediately got extremely defensive and said that he did tell him about the charger, and that he quote "Doesn't play that". I asked him to cancel the order and he said it already shipped but I can return just the charger. Again, he was very rude throughout this conversation. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he refused. I told him that I will dispute the charge with my bank. He said he would send a recording of the call to my bank immediately. I told him to go ahead, because I didn't authorize what he was charging me and the call ended. This is a very dishonest operation and it seems to be a theme. They have low prices on their camera, but then try to up charge for batteries and chargers that are included from the factory.

Jun 30, 2015
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      10th of Jul, 2015

    I am in emphatic agreement, 110%. Do NOT buy anything EVER from these shysters!!! As soon as you question them even in the least little bit, they become exceptionally rude, defensive and even abusive. They sold me two cameras as new but were actually refurbs. (I sent back the first as the LCD ws scratched and obviously not new and the second received was even worse.) They vehemently denied that the cameras were anything but brand new (even with contrary proof--from Nikon, no less!) and told me in no uncertain terms that I was the liar and didn't know what I was talking about. I told them I would not pay the 15% restock fee to return the second item and cancel my order (I already paid postage - twice) and would instruct the credit card company to not pay them. I was hung up on at that point!

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY if you value trust and honesty in a business. They're "low" prices are anything but once all is said and done!!

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