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Del Prado Collections / Did not send promised display case

1 Holmes, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-654-5636

We were supposed to receive a free wood display case/chest after we paid for 6 minerals. We paid the expensive prices for the minerals thinking the case would make up for it. We've been waiting for the case for 6 months now. When I call they keep telling me it's back ordered. They have also stopped sending minerals out. My son is very upset since this was his Christmas gift from us. I would not trust Del Prado with any further dealings.

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  • Ca
      5th of May, 2009
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    I would be upset too. I have a friend who purchased from Del Prado, however the minerals were pretty cheap...but over time can end up costing a lot. How much are you paying? You should be aware of anything that is supposedly "Free". Sometimes the hassel isn't worth the wait! My friend did get his display case. He waited a very long time too. Supposedly due to high demand, they can't keep up. You will probably get the display case-but it may take a long time. That's why I have low expectations from anything that is supposedly "free". If you are truly upset with the service you received and you feel mislead, you might want to consider contacting the BBB. Provide them with proof of what the company promised & show them the company refused to deliver in good faith. I wish you luck!

  • Ge
      27th of May, 2009
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    I would not recommend dealing with Del Prado either. I also got the run around about the display case, I didn't receive mine until after the 10th shipment. The minerals are cheap, not worth $5.95. I have found similar specimens for a dollar or two on other mineral websites. The shipments are sporadic, your suppose to get one every month, at one point I hadn't received anything for 6 months! Recently, I received a bill for an odd amount, when I called to ask what it was about they couldn't tell me what or why I was being billed. Eventually after 3 phone calls they dismissed the bill. It's been nothing but a headache. If you don't want to wait on Del Prado to send your son minerals I recommend checking out these websites: or You'll get more for your money.

  • Jb
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    You may as well take you kids to the mountains (at least here in Wasington State) where we can teach them about geology and they can also "pick up" much better minerals than you would ever get through that company. And you can't beat the price as well FREE!! We do Gold Panning on a regular basis as well, so we also know some great hot spots for other minerals that our kids love digging up. Sure beats them playing their game-boy's, computer's, nintendo's and so on...

  • Ha
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    I agree with the above comments. Sporadic deliveries, high cost, no display case (we've been waiting over 2 years.) Using the web to voice my complaints is the best way I can deal with this. There is not a phone number or contact information on the invoice. If I can prevent one person from making the same mistake, I've done justice.
    Has anyone ever received the display case? Just curious.

  • Ma
      16th of Mar, 2011
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    We've been waiting for the FREE display case for a couple of years now and at this point I'd be happy for a way to cancel the subscription, but I've never been able to locate a phone number to contact these people. We have had the same problems and the set was a gift for my son, who is almost 9. I keep the rocks put up most of the time because he gets upset, he'll asks when the next ones are coming and I have to tell him I have no idea. I hope someone from the company reads these comments.

  • Gi
      1st of Apr, 2011
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    Does anyone know what the story is behind del Prado? I would like to hear it. Not that it will change anything. I did receive my "rock box". The glass was broken and I replaced it with plexiglass. Is the another company, (rock shop), that has picked up where del Prado left off? I won't say a similiar company... Wouldn't it be nice to at least have the completed binder of numbered mineral specimens. We could add to it ourselves. I like the plastic boxes that the rocks/minerals came in. Where can they be bought? I haven't had any luck searching for the same ones. Some of them where cracked and I didn't like some of the samples I bought... Anyone?

  • Me
      20th of Nov, 2011
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    I agree with the people above. I've been collecting the "Minerals of the Earth" collection since 2008. The box came after one year, the glass was broken. The box is still barely half full. I went nine months without any shipment. Then July 2011 I received one box with three minerals out of order. I have from #1 to #45, then #65, #67, and #71.

    I find it aggravating that I don't know how many to expect in the collection, when my next shipment will be, and haven't found a way to contact the company. I will pass on Del Prado in the future.

  • Kr
      12th of Sep, 2012
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    I have had the same experience with this company as everyone above. Sporadic shipments...I thought they just forgot about me, then I received one out of the blue. I had to call a few time to bug them about getting my display case and then it was "just an OK piece." What did I expect. Prices were, well, not too cheap. Finally, I said, stop sending me anything and if you do I'm keeping it without payment.

  • Ch
      1st of Jul, 2013
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    I am glad we are not the only ones who fell prey to The del Prado. The closest to a phone number I could find was: 610-532-4700, but the automated answering devise says welcome to, "National Fulfillment Services." No person, no operator and they ask you to leave your name and number - no thanks, I'll pass on this random companies phone line. Cheesy rocks at that! The last shipment that arrived had such small rocks you could have made an earring out of each. To add insult to injury, there wasn't even a description of the rock, etc. Oopps! Like your rock display cases, they forgot! Probably is a one-man operation wherein he goes scavenger hunting on weekends and polishes the rocks for PA and sells them to collectors under the guise of something exotic. Sent the rocks back with a nice letter via registered mail and received a collection letter in the mail a couple of weeks later. At lease the names of the returned rocks were on the letter as I would have never known what was sent back. I am done and hope you are, too. Flea markets, etc. have been better for me. Best of luck to you all.

  • Te
      18th of Sep, 2013
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    The phone number is 1-800-654-5636. Its at the top of invoice by company logo and address. I just got off the phone with a representative. Sept. 19, 2013. She was very nice. I have received approx 54 ( I haven't actually counted them myself yet) and there are 68 minerals, with new being added over time, Im not sure how that works. But anyway...I wanted my display box to put them in since they are piling up but they no longer offer the display case. So there you have it. I do enjoy the rocks and my 6 year old grand daughter loves getting them and holding them and looking at them and learning about them. Im very disappointed in not getting a display box or compensated for not getting one but I will still continue to get the rocks, I am so far in now I dont want to quit 14 rocks short. I have experienced the sporadic shipments before and that is frustrating especially for kids. Good Luck!!

  • Se
      22nd of Jul, 2014
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    All the people complaining, you must have subscribed during the final
    years of the company. I was subscribed in 2004 or 2005 or so, and I
    never had any troubles. I got my case, intact and complete, got all the
    rocks up until the time I cancelled, shipments weren't late or anything.What
    happened was, I guess the demand was greater than the supply, and they
    couldn't keep up with the suppliers to fill the demands. That is when
    the problems arose.

  • Th
      26th of Feb, 2015
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    I've too have seen the complaints here and on other sites, but like SeberHusky above never had a problem other than the sporadic shipping after a while (we signed up in 2006, last received a delivery in 2011). Got our case as promised last sample was #74 (although a few were skipped so have 60-some). I'd actually like to fill out the case (need 19 more) but also as noted by SeberHusky, demand probaly exceeded supply and they have gone out of business.

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