Defined Industries Inc. / Deceptive Job Offer; Multi-Level Marketing Scam

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I accepted a job with this company as an "Entry Level Marketing Executive" and was assured that I would make on average $100 a day, I would get to make my own schedule, and I was being hired into the "Management Training Program" with the intent to teach me how to open my own business and make $70, 000 a year within a few short months. I should have known this was too good to be true, and was suspicious so I scoured the internet for any mention of this company being a scam. I found nothing, so I left my current job making $30, 000 a year with benefits to pursue this "opportunity".

Everything about this job smelled fishy, but the owner of the business kept assuring me, "The contract says this, but this is what you can actually expect." The contract was accurate, her promises were not. I started training, working 5 hours a day expecting to make less than $100 of course because of the short days. Before I even received my first pay check (which I did not get until I had been working for three weeks) I was sent out to Lancaster to run a "road show" selling pizza at Costco. After driving an hour and a half I got to look forward to 11-13 hour days selling pizzas, cleaning dishes, restocking inventory out of a -15 degree freezer, etc. I was willing to do this though because we were selling a ton of merchandise and I assumed I would make a great wage working 54 hours in the week and selling well over $1000 worth of pizza every day. When I finally received my checks for my first three weeks of work, I was making minimum wage for the entire duration of my time there. The first two weeks I made LESS THAN HALF of what I made in ONE week at my previous job, and for working a 54 hour work week my employer attempted to pay me LESS than minimum wage because she simply guessed at the hours I worked (shorting me about 5 hours of work) instead of informing me that she needed a time sheet and waiting for me to submit one. I was not notified that I was required to keep a time sheet until I had been working for 3 weeks. Despite the promises they make, this "company" pays minimum wage, and will expect you to work over 10 hours every day.

This is a company run by a young woman who has no concept of how to run a business and no respect for her employees. When I told her that I thought it was appalling that she pays her employees minimum wage while she is making thousands of dollars a week off them she simply stated that she worked hard to get where she was and did not feel guilty about what she was doing at all. Working hard for her meant that she spent one year doing the same, so now she feels validated to exploit talented and hardworking people by paying them less than most restaurants pay their dishwashers. After receiving those appalling paychecks that proved what a complete and utter liar the company's owner is I left immediately, and within a month I am back working RETAIL SALES and STILL making well over twice as much as I was making with Defined Industries.

This company is also an offshoot of Smart Circle, a well known multi-level marketing scam, which you need only pop into Google to see what kind of reputation the parent company has. So there you have it; a scam company run by a wholly incompetent young woman who makes promises of wealth that she absolutely does not follow through on where you will work 10+ hours a day to make minimum wage with no benefits whatsoever. You are better off applying at McDonalds. Not only will you make more money, but you will actually have some level of security as well. This job offers nothing but promises it will NOT follow through on.

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      10th of Apr, 2012


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      10th of Apr, 2012


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  • Do
      26th of Jun, 2012

    I work for this company right now, and I want to quit sooo bad. I'm working 13-14 hour shifts everyday and making pennies on my paycheck. I want her shut down and I'm not stopping until it's done... if you want to help post a comment and I'll find a way to contact you.

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  • Ki
      27th of Jun, 2012

    The company is an absolute joke. I went through the interview process only to realize during the orientation that things weren't exactly adding up. The pay, work hours, company policy, etc. that were told to me over the phone were not at all the same. Needless to say I quit on the spot before I even worked my first day. I'm so thankful I did.

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  • Ma
      4th of Apr, 2013

    I have an interview with them today and after reading this, I don't feel like it is worth my time! Feedback would be great!

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  • Re
      2nd of May, 2013

    I worked for them for a long time, wasn't the right position for me, however I did learn the skill sets it took to make me successful in the role I am now. It seems the only people who ever want to take to the internet are those who had a bad experience and want to put someone/something down.

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