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I have orderd an aimpoint red dot rifle sight compM3 on monday 04/06/09.At the time of order the product showed in stock and Ireceived an Email with the confirmation of the order and an invoice with promise to get an Email containing the tracking # from the carrier.Thre days went by and no Email, Ichec my bank statement and the item still showed in stock.On the 4th day I sent them an Email asking what happend with my order and I've got a repplay from a guy John who promised to chek what happend with the order #51146 and get right back to me .5days passed I have sent them @more Emails and Ihave left 2 phone messages and nobody tried to contact me with an explination.Considering the compplain Ihave reed on this web site sims to be a regular practice with this vendor L. Naum

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  • Dm
      Apr 14, 2009

    I also have an order(#51156) from 4/7/09 that has billed to my credit card and have not received any correspondence or shipping info other than default message from "John" last week. I read one post about some one actual receiving their order from this site. I however, have my doubts and have already started the "dispute" process for their charge on my credit card. Unless contact is made by 4/17/09 i will finish the disputed payment process. Hopeful this is not necessary but i wanted to get everything documented with my CC company to do every thing passable to cover my butt.

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  • Dm
      Apr 15, 2009

    Follow up:
    The best, if not the only way to get through to their customer service dept is this website. 3 phone calls, 5 Live chat tries, 5 emails, and the only response i got was from my last post. Order canceled, turned over to CC company to get a refund. I'm not even going to try from a refund from them if i couldn't even get a response about the status of an order.

    Their customer service is so slow that i thought this site took my money and ran.

    Order with care, good luck.

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