Deep Sea Cosmetics / Deceptive Business Practices

1 Austin, United States

Buyers beware! This company is very deceptive in their business practices. First, no where at the kiosk does the business have anything posted about "No Refunds", so beware of that fact. Second, in addition to no posting any signs about "No Refunds", the credit card receipt that you will sign also has nothing in regards to "No Refunds". Third, the associate will make no mention of "No Refund". The only time you will find out that there is a "No Refund" policy is after your credit card transaction has been processed and you are given a Receipt of Sale "after the fact", at the very bottom of your customer receipt, it will state "No Refund". This is very very deceptive, and this company is very dishonest about this fact.

I purchased almost $1000 worth of products after the sales associate applied the products to my face. That evening, I had a severe allergic reaction to the products that were applied. After having to take off work for 3 days due to the allergic reaction, plus having medical expenses for going to the doctor to get relief, especially due to my eye reaction, I went to the kiosk to return the products, only to be told by the associate this was not possible "No Refund" policy which was never uncovered until that time. They said I could "exchange" for another product. REALLY??? Why would I try another product type after going through what I went through. On top of this, the products that I purchased were never opened or used, so why is this not possible.

I only hope that many potential customers see these horrible reviews about how deceptive this company is and they stay away and do not purchase anything from them.

May 15, 2015

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