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[Resolved] Deep Cleaning, Root Canal, Filling / Shame On You Western Dental

1 1282 Market StSan Francisco, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 415.552.1200

Attention: The Dental Board of California

My name is Mercedez a 54 year old woman from Fairfield Ca. I am a patient of Western Dental located at 1282 Market Street, San Francisco Ca. I called Western Dental on Nov 24, 2010 regarding their previous root canal done to me at their office in San Francisco. They book an appointment for me to come back on Nov 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm. I arrived at 12:15 and checked in early at the lobby. I was place in a room at 1:15pm.
I was prep to wear a protective vest for dental x-rays and examination. I was seated in a 5x5 examination room from 1:15 pm till 4:00pm. Later that day I was told they are rescheduling a appointment for Nov 29, 2010 at 2:00pm after Thanks Giving holiday. I am very devastated, upset and fraustrated from a 4 hours waiting for the doctor to do the work. I never got any services that day.

The second appointment; I arrived in San Francisco Western Dental office. I checked in at 1:20pm and got admitted at 2:07pm. Doctor name George Westphalen and the dentist assistant prep me for examination. He examined my mouth, teeth, gums through out and told me he's going to make plans for my treatment. The lady who is incharge of billing talk about plan a) and plan b) She told me my insurance only covers extractions, consultation and medications. Since my insurance do not cover certain services they insist I would sign a contract to pay individually so they can treat the root canal and other extra services.

I chose plan a) agreed to pay at my own expense and sign the contract at 2:20 pm. I made a payment amount of $265.00. as a down initial payment from the total amount of $1765.00. I paid Western Dental through my visa credit card to cover the services for the treatment plan. About 2:30 pm; Doctor George Westphalen came back in the examination room. He proceeded the routine with a shot of tranquilizer to my upper and lower jaws. Doctor George Westphalen told me he will be back in 10 minutes as for the tranquilizer in effect. He left and told me he will be right back.

He came to the room at 3;30 pm walk around me and said he will be back as soon he finished his notes and lectures from other patients. I have been waiting for approximately one hour not 10 minutes as the he had mentioned. At 4:30 pm he came around again reminding me he will be back in a few minutes. I waited patiently and at same time I am so much in discomfort. I just need to get this problem fix and save the tooth before my root canal get worsts.

Doctor Westphalen came back again at 4:55 pm asking me if i rather come back another day to reschedule my dental services. I got very outraged, petrified mad, disgusted. He said alright if you have the time to wait I will work on your teeth. Doctor Westphalen did not came back like he supposed to. At approximately 5:50pm just 10 minutes before 6:00pm closing its door. I got up from the examination chair and asked the other Chinese doctor that I need to speak with the clinic manager. I am impatiently telling the clinic manager how I feel. "I hope you are NOT kidding about what doctor Westphalen have put me through.

I told him that I have been in pain since November 24 since the root canal fell out. I told him this has happen to me already on November 25 at 4:00pm. I told the manager I was seated in the 5'x5' examination room from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I was tranquilized and half of my face paralyzed. I asked him what have I done to deserved this? I told the clinic manager that doctor Westphalen abandoned his responsibility and neglected my treatment. Western Dental requires me a $265.00 for downpayment, made me wait four hours and the doctor did not perform any services.

The clinic manager offer me a new appointment date with a better doctor who will give me good treatment and faster service. He told me he will call me again tomorrow to offer me a resolution just to make me happy. I walked away from the office very fraustrated, disappointed and stressed. I deserve much better, be treated fairly and equally like any other Western Dental patients. I feel I do not deserved to be discriminated base on my physical disability, race, religion, gender and or sexual preferences. Shame on you Doctor George Westphalen of Western Dental of 1282 Market Street, San Francisco Ca.

I am asking the DBC The Dental Board of California and ADA around the country to acknowledge my complaints. I am requesting The Dental Board of California to further investigation towards Doctor George Westphalen, at Western Dental located at 1282 Market Street, San Francisco Ca 94102.

Sincerely Yours,


George Westphalen, DDS’s Experience
Associate Dentist
Western Dental Services
(Privately Held; Hospital & Health Care industry)
October 2010 — Present (3 months)

George Westphalen, DDS’s Education
University of the Pacific
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dentistry, 2007 — 2010

  • Resolution statement

    There is no Resolution from western dental whatsoever that's a shame. I thought they would have taken care of my situation professionally and make me feel at ease.

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