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decormeyes - eyewearus - sunglasses / fraudulant credit card charge

1 Ontario, Canada

I bought a pair of glasses from at the end of May 09. I am from Canada so I looked at their International Shipping policy where it says that in addition to the shipping charges there will be NO CUSTOMS FEES, NO TAXES & NO DUTIES -

A few days later I received the glasses but upon delivery, UPS said I had to pay an extra 50 $ customs fee. Of course I didn’t take this into equation when I decided to buy them online but now with the currency exchange rate and the extra 50 $ the glasses were more expensive than if I bought them from a shop here so I called DecorMyEyes and told them that their site says there will be no more customs fee and that I would like to return them. I talked with Tony Russo who apparently is the owner of the company - not Stanley Bolds - who said that I just need to pay the customs fee and they will pay me back. He also sent me an e-mail to confirm this. One month later no payment has been made. It is then when I started sending e-mails and trying to get through to Tony Russo leaving numerous messages on his answering machine. Of course to that I only received the offensive replies that everybody has been complaining about and no call back from Tony Russo. After I found his extension (101 for who is interested) he mistakenly answered my call. All I can say is that nobody has been this rude to me in my entire life. What topped it all was that I was told that I’m from Canada so I should shop from Canada and not from the US. Btw, he also said that the more negative publicity they get the better the business goes for them so I would very much like to prove them wrong.

Also, only a few days after I used my credit card to pay for the glasses a fraudulent charge was made to and from the other posts this is their modus operandi.

Today I have just received an e-mail where they will transfer to so beware it is the same people. My guess is that decormyeyes is getting too many bad reviews so they will operate from eyewearus thinking that people won’t know.

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