DecoratingDepot.comOnline scam

I purchased over $1, 000 in blinds recently from Decorating Depot. Two of the vertical blinds had problems opening correctly. I tried many times to receive help from Decorating Depot by telephone and email. I gave up inquiring about the "warranty", and just asked to purchase replacement parts. Each time I was told that they would get back to me, only to never receive a response.

A couple of weeks ago I gave up and decided to order new blinds. These blinds are for a rental property that I own, and I promised the tenants that I would fix the blinds months ago. I considered ordering blinds from another manufacturer, but I really wanted to match the rest of the blinds in the home, so unfortunately I ordered them from the Decorating Depot website. The next day I noticed that I did not receive a confirmation email as I had on my previous order. I called Decorating Depot during their posted business hours, but I received voicemail and left a message. After failing to contact me for a few days, I made more unanswered calls to Decorating Depot. At this point I began to believe that Decorating Depot had gone out of business. I even called Prestige Blinds and explained my problem. I also inquired about replacement parts, and was told that I would be contacted shortly by someone that could help me, but just like their retail distributors, the call was never returned.

I have good tenants at this rental property (and good tenants are hard to find), who were becoming upset at the amount of time to repair the blinds. Tenant laws also require repairs in a timely manner. Because of this, and Fearing that Decorating Depot was out of business, I bought the blinds elsewhere. The next day I finally received a call from Decorating Depot who explained that the blinds had been shipped. It would have been nice to receive that telephone call last week! I spoke with Gordon at Decorating Depot who initially offered a refund, and said to refuse the shipment when it arrived. In a subsequent telephone conversation, he claimed that their call log doesn't show me ever calling, and that the problem is completely my fault. I guess he is right, it is my fault for ordering from Decorating Depot again, but it will never happen again. Now I own four blinds and two doors.

I have considered legal action in Arizona Justice Courts, but I just don't have the time right now. I am in the process of purchasing more income properties that will need interior items including blinds. I assure you that they will not be made by Prestige Blinds, or sold by Decorating Depot.


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