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Decor Roofing and Construction
We hired Decor Roofing and Construction to replace the roof on our house. The house was built in 1967 and still had the original decking in place. The decking seemed to be in ok condition but was only 3/8” thick. After reading some specs on Solar Board decking, we decided to have all of the decking replaced with Solar Board. We plan on living in the home for a long time and are trying to make the home energy efficient.
We had a storm earlier in the year that caused some major ice dams on the roof. To help keep this from happening again, we decided to have ice and water shield installed at all eaves and in all valleys.
We also noticed some rotting in the fascia boards around the house so we decided to have them replaced as well.
So the project consisted of the following:
1. Complete re-deck with Solar Board decking
2. Ice and water shield in all eaves and valleys
3. Remove and install new fascia boards
4. Install new drip edge
5. Install new vent pipe flashings
6. Install 2 new roof bathroom exhaust vents
7. Install 30 year GAF Weatherwood shingles
Décor Roofing and Construction Proposal and Sales Person Conflict
Danny Little was the sales person for Decor Roofing and Construction that sold the job. We asked if they required any money upfront and were assured that we wouldn’t have to pay a penny until the project was complete. We signed and faxed the contract to Décor Roofing and Construction and within a short period of time, the owner, Dewayne Corvin, called and demanded that we pay $3, 000. We then explained to Dewayne Corvin that Danny Little told us that we would not have to pay anything until the project was complete and if he wanted money up front we would like to cancel the contract and go with a different company. Dewayne then stated that there would be a 20% cancellation fee. At this point we went forward with the project expecting that we would be out $3, 000 if we cancelled.
This is what our home looked like before Décor Roofing and Construction Started.
Weather Damage (The Main Reason for Replacing the Roof)
Décor Roofing and Construction Starting Day
The Décor Roofing and Construction contractors arrived on time to start the project. Dewayne Corvin (Owner) and Danny Little (Sales Person) were also present. The Décor Roofing and Construction contractors started removing the shingles and noticed minor damage to the roof decking. We were already convinced that we were going to replace the roof decking with the radiant solar board roof decking for energy conservation and sturdiness. Dewayne Corvin tried to say that it would be better if they installed the solar board over the existing decking. We decided to have the original decking removed as per the contract.
Décor Roofing and Construction Fascia and Drip Edge
At this point the shingles are done and look pretty good from the roof. I asked the contractor when they were going to install the Fascia and Drip Edge, they informed me that it would be another crew doing that and they should have it done the next day (5/14/2011). I waited all day on 5/14 and never heard from anyone.
Décor Roofing and Construction Shingles Finished
The Décor Roofing and Construction contractors finished the shingles. At one point during the redecking, they ran out of Solar Board. A representative from Décor Roofing and Construction delivered regular OSB, his name was Tim. The Décor Roofing and Construction contrators informed Tim that it was supposed to be Solar Board and Tim said go ahead and install the regular OSB anyway. I stopped them and immediately called Danny Little and informed him the contractors were installing regular OSB, so he found more Solar Board at a local store and had it delivered. If I was not there, we would have NEVER KNOWN!!
Danny Little and Dewayne Corvin were only present during the start of the project.
Décor Roofing and Construction Fascia and Drip Edge Part 2!
Received a call from the Décor Roofing and Construction contractors that were installing the Fascia and Drip Edge, they were ready to start so I met them at the home. After they removed the old Fascia and Drip Edge, I noticed some rot on the sub-fascia and asked if it needed to be replaced. They said no, it's fine.!.aspx
Décor Roofing and Construction Job Finished
At this point, all of the contractors have stated that their work is completed. Based on the experience with Décor Roofing and Construction and their contractors, we decide to check everything out and are SHOCKED at what we find.
Décor Roofing and Construction Issues
Gap Between Fascia and Decking
There is a huge gap (1" - 1.5") between the top of the drip edge/fascia and the decking, you can actually see inside the attic!
And from inside the attic, you can see outside!
Gap Between Panels
The decking was installed without the 1/8" gap between panels. The old decking (installed in 1967, was installed with H-Clips which created the 1/8" gap and added stability on the 24" rafter span. Decor Roofing and Construction did not use any H-Clips. They also used staples to attach the decking to the rafters. The manufacturer and the APA Sheathing Guide CLEARLY call for 8D Common Nails.
Hump Towards Edge of Roof
There is a hump in the roof.
Two Different Types of Decking
Décor Roofing and Construction installed Solar Board AND LP TechShield Decking. We thought we were getting Solar Board (that is what we wanted). This is like getting four new tires on your car with two being Firestone and two being Goodyear!
Debris Left in Yard
The Décor Roofing and Construction contractors left this mess in the yard.
Décor Roofing and Construction Invoice
Danny Little brought the invoice by expecting to collect the remaining balance. We informed Danny that we would need to have all of the issues resolved before we made the final payment.
Décor Roofing and Construction Owner Dewayne Corvin Meeting
Received a call from Danny Little to inform me Dewayne Corvin (Décor Roofing and Construction's Owner) was on his way to inspect the work that was done (this is almost 2 weeks after the contractors completed their work and this would be the first time Dewayne Corvin visited the home since right after the work began.)
Met Dewayne Corvin at the house and explained our concerns to him. His proposed solution was to remove the drip edge and install a custom drip edge that extended over the decking to close the gap. We explained to Dewayne Corvin that we would like to get another opinion to see if that was acceptable practice and we would contact him after we received this approval. Dewayne Corvin immediately threatened to put a lien on the property and demanded the remaining balance for the project. We asked why the debris was left in the yard and his response was "We are not finished yet.". We then asked Dewayne Corvin why he was asking for payment if the job was not complete. At this point we advised Dewayne we were going to get other opinions on the workmanship.
Roof Inspection from Certified Inspector
Here is the Inspection Report from a Certified Inspector.
Attorney Number One
Based on the findings from the Certified Inspector, we decided to consult an attorney. The attorney communicated our demands (everything in the inspection report) to Dewayne Corvin and he verbally agreed to do what the Certified Inspector stated in his report.
Email from Attorney
This is what I advise: I send to Dewayne your list of demands and the following: We arrange a mutually convenient time for you all, the inspector and Dewayne to meet at your home to discuss the remediation, timetables and what is required, and then after the remediation the inspector signs off on the installation. If we can get an agreement on the above, then your matter is completed with me and you can move forward. Dewayne was very reasonable on the phone and stated that he would do what he needed to remediate this issue. I will take him at his word unless proven otherwise. It helps to have attorney involvement.
Let me know if the above is suitable to you.
We let the attorney know that this sounds good, all we want is the roof done correctly, $12, 000 is not pocket change for us.
Email from Certified Inspector
We received the following email from the Certified Inspector:
I have been contacted by Dwayne at Décor Construction. He advised me that your lawyer has emailed him my report but he has not had a chance to view it yet as he is on the road. He wishes to meet with me tomorrow to discuss what has to be done. I agreed to meet with him to discuss my findings but since there is a lawyer involved I thought I should check with you to see if you wanted me to meet with him or not. Please let me know.

We then send the following email to the attorney:
I received a call from the inspector today and he followed up with the following email. I thought this was supposed to be a meeting between all of us next Tuesday or later?
So it seems that Dewayne Corvin was trying to meet with the Certified Inspector WITHOUT us being present.
Meeting With Dewayne Corvin, Certified Inspector and Us
Finally, we have the meeting setup and it is meeting day. Dewayne Corvin and the Certified Inspector were present. We went over the list of items from the Certified Inspector and Dewayne Corvin from Decor Roofing and Construction REFUSED to do anything in the Certified Inspectors report! We also asked Dewayne to sign something stating he refused to do the work in the Certified Inspectors report and he declined.
Email to Dewayne Corvin Requesting Refund
After Dewayne Corvin refused to repair the items in the Certified Inspectors report, we sent him the following email:

"As per our conversation on 9/7/2011, we are requesting a refund in the amount of $3, 600 from your company. The breakdown is as follows:

Deposit: $3, 000
Attorney: $500
Inspection: $100
Total: $3, 600

Please let us know via email by Friday 9/23/2011 on what you decide to do. If we do not hear back from you by Friday 9/23/2011 we will seek further legal action."

Email response from Dewayne Corvin:
"Thank you for the offer. I would have to respectfully decline.

Thank you,

DeWayne L. Corvin
Decor Construction"

At this point, Dewayne Corvin with Decor Roofing and Construction has REFUSED to repair the items in the Certified Inspectors report and DECLINED to refund the deposit. Next step, file lawsuit against Decor Roofing and Construction for the $3, 600 that we are out of pocket!
Lawsuit Against Decor Roofing and Construction
We filed a lawsuit agaist Decor Roofing and Construction to try and recover the $3, 600 we are out of pocket. Upon filing the lawsuit against Decor Roofing and Construction, they counter sued for $10, 095.87! The invoice that Decor Roofing and Construction gave us was for $8, 895!
Next step, hire ANOTHER attorney!

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Decor Roofing and Construction
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  • Resolution statement

    IMPORTANT UPDATE- Decor Construction completed all of our requested repairs and punch list items and all issues we previously had with Decor have been resolved.

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