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Deceitful Landlady / Human rights Infringed

1 South Africa

live in an apartment with my family, two kids – toddlers

We have had issues with our landlady concerning water in the bathrooms, as the flow is so slow it trickles.

My hubby had had, enough and said to the landlord, we aren’t paying the metro bill until its sorted out as we have lived there for 9 months with trickles of water.

So she came and sorted it out . The very next day we paid the metro bill. She immediately terminated our water and lights, without informing us.

A week later she mailed to say she terminated the account on her name.

We have tried to move out prior and she held us to our contract of our year, which we are trying to honor. She came to visit on the 30.11.2010, bringing with her a termination of lease, and we signed that we would move out.

On the 01.12 she mailed to say she terminated the water & lights… she had done it a week prior.

I had asked her not to as we are moving out in a week or two. I had no response.

Yesterday I get home with my family after taking my daughter who is sick to the Drs and we come home to an apartment with no lights & water.

The note under the door from metro says Reason for disconnection : Vacant.

We are now without any sort of lights or water until we move next week. We have paid our rent on time & metro as well.

If we don’t pay by the 25th each month our landlady calls to check why, if I don’t get paid on the 25th I have to call and inform her that my payment will only occur once I get paid.

Our metro bill needs to be paid by the third, but sometimes she hands it to us after the 03 so we pay after wards…

Please help me ….

This must be Illegal

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