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Debt Settlement America / unfair treatment of employee's

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as an ex employee of this company i have a lot to say about the way employees are treated by the so called directors and so called operations manager the ceo and not to forget mr. big stuff coo greg oconnell who fooled chris kesterson into believing that he has the company's best interest in mind when in reality he is ruining this company. chris doesen' t know nor was he included in the secret meetings that has gone on at gregs house with gary larue, and michelle davis his operations manager who has let it be known that she can't stand the man and she has said lots of time that chris don't have the balls to stand up and take charge of a company that he started from scratch. some employees are treated like the s word by michele davis especially if that employee is of a darker color. she has shown her favortism so many times to her special pets that she brought with her to the company or that she previously worked with. michele has her head so far up the coo ### its sickenen to see her and the others walk around as if they own the company and not chris kesterson. dsa will do and say anything to sucker in clients, but when the clients have paid all of their fees to debt settlement america they are treated like ###. now the company is being sued, what a thing to happen to a company that is here to help other people get out of debt but is slowly sinking. i think the overhead is much to high, chris kesterson started from the bottom laying off employees when he should have started from very top because the salary that he just saved by laying off will never top what he is paying his directors, there are so many chiefs and a hand full of indians. now they are all over the country with a bad name.

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      6th of Jul, 2009
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    I too worked at debt settlement america and completely agree with the above posting. This company should be avoided like the plague by clients needing debt settlement and people seeking employment. While I worked for this company, their turnover was about 300% It is a revolving door because everyone hates this company so much. Clients cancel nonstop because they do not honor their contract or perform any real service. They do not refund any money and you will get completely screwed. I watched my clients get screwed over and over I just could not sell for this company anymore. Debt Settlement America is a scam. I look forward to the day when the N.Y. Attorney General finishes their lawsuit against this aweful company and shuts them down for good!

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      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Chris Kesterson is completely clueless. Debt Settlement America is on its down fall because of his leadership or lack of. Chris is dependant on his highly paid puppets to do the job. Yes, you know who I am talking about if you work or have worked for Debt Settlement America or Chris Kesterson. Mr. Kesterson the CEO / Founder of DSA doesn't like to get his hands dirty but merely put the responsibility to others. Majority of the time the employees of Debt Settlement America are not telling him the whole truth. From what I have heard; if it wasn't for his former partner who started DSA he would not be where he is today. Chris Kesterson doesn't know how to treat employees or even people for that matter. Its all about an image for this guy. Besides his voyeur, amateur hidden cam production, over cautious, skeptical personality and attitude; he would be considered normal. I also heard that Debt Settlement America is being sued. They say that the partner that previous owned DSA sold his stocks to Chris Kesterson. Well Chris decided not to pay the guy and owes him millions. So Yeah the owner of DSA and President of this so called legitimate organization TASC The Association of Settlement Companies is a thief. Great way to promote the industry. I personally would be a little skeptical about stealing millions from someone like that. Maybe DSA needs to invest in body guards for it directors. Chris Kesterson and DSA has had so many walk outs from top performing employees. This should tell you something about how this company is run. Chris will never care about the little people, that’s just a fact!

  • Li
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I am a former client of DSA and got royally SCREWED out of $7, 000, and still had to file for bankruptcy. Places like this need to be shut down. They actually told me to stop paying my creditors. I wound up getting sued ROYALLY by creditors over and over again, assets and bank accounts FROZEN, and they took my 7k and ran with it. I finally hit bottom with the bankruptcy. We need to get the word out that this type of company is a SCAM!! Just look at the BBB, they give them an F

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      27th of Jan, 2010
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    I just created an account to help people with whatever knowledge i can help with, i am a stay-at-home mom and my husband and i have accumulated over 28k in credit card debt over the last 10 years of marriage which may not be alot to some people but for us its a truckload. Our home was flipped upside down and we were unable to consolidate the debt to get some relief so we didnt know what else to do. I was educated on how debt settlemnt worked "somewhat" a couple years ago and i can tell anyone that has debt now that the very best way to get it done is to get it settled with a law firm, i got no calls from my creditors, i was completely stress free from the whole thing and my husband and i, im happy to say are debt-free!! i recommend calling them. if you need a reference, consider me as one, im living proof that it works. Best of luck to you all. their number: 866-777-9800 ask for Bob he was very helpful and never pushy in any way.

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